6 Tips for These Job Fairs in Ireland

We’ve make it easy. Read this article and follow these tips to maximise your time and potential at Ireland's upcoming top job fairs:

Who’s going to be there?

- Scan the job fair website and Eventbrite listings to see the companies that are taking part and make some quick notes on them so you can go into conversations with a good entry level knowledge and cut to the important stuff. Visit their websites to understand what roles they’re hiring for and you can even be smart about it and tailor a couple of resumes accordingly for specific employers, they’ll respect your level of preparedness.

Is your CV polished and sparkling?

- Have clean, error-free copies of your resume printed on quality paper. Use a clear plastic sleeve so the CVs are clean and ready to hand over. Don’t have them folded or all bent up from carrying in your sweaty hands all day. An insider tip is to optimise your resume for applicant tracking systems by making sure they’re simple, with standard formatting (simple text, simple font, key word heavy, contact info etc.

Have you go an “Elevator Pitch”?

- When someone introduces you, what do they say? You should prepare and practise a 30-60 second elevator pitch highlighting your skills, experience and career interests. This grab’s a recruiter’s attention when time is limited and means you’ve always got an intro for when you’re shaking hands.

Dress the part.

- Make an exceptional first impression by dressing in formal business attire, well fitting, simple and stylish. For men, wear a tailored suit and tie. For women, choosing a professional dress or pantsuit, skirt and blouse is good too but keep it respectable.

Are you asking enough questions?

- Ask any talk show host - the key to a good conversation is asking questions and listening to the answer, that's it. Ask the person about their personal experience with the company, and listen. Avoid questions easily found on the company website. Show genuine interest in the real person's experience.

Don’t call me, I’ll call you.

- Be clear on the next stage of contact. You should always request recruiters’ business cards or LinkedIn connect on the spot, or at least email addresses so you can follow up after the event. When you’re done with the conversation:

“Thanks Steve, it was really good to meet you. I’ll drop you a LinkedIn message, reminding you about the Sales Admin job we talked about, keep an eye out for a message from James Taylore. Have a good day”.

Eventbrite Job Fairs in Ireland

Eventbrite is a go-to platform for discovering upcoming job fairs across Ireland. Check out these listings of fairs coming up, when you search just remember to make it relevant to your industry and location. Some upcoming fairs include:

- Ireland National Career Fair - Dublin, April 2023

- Technology Ireland Career Fair - virtual, May 2023

- Irish Jobs Expo - Cork, June 2023

- Graduates Ireland Jobs Fair - Galway, July 2023

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