Body Language: Interview Tips for Australia Job Interviews

Mate, job interviews can be bloody nerve-wracking. There’s a lot of stuff to think about, and you don’t want to stuff it up. One really simple way that people make “judgements” on a person they’ve just met is the obvious still, their body language. We’re all sizing each other up, pretty much all the time. So having this key element nailed down can be the difference between being memorable or forgettable. Good or bad. Employed or not.

Think of it from this angle too, remember that managers have a tough gig, they sift through a stack of resumes and try to find the best person for the role and the company culture. It's not easy. Do them and yourself a favour and stand out with our interview tips for Australian job seekers, focussed on body language.

Master Your Posture

Sit up straight and shoulders back. A confident posture shows you mean business. Avoid giving off lazy or arrogant vibes and sit upright during the interview. You'll make a powerful impression with this simple trick.


Genuine smiles when used appropriately can be golden. One of the top Australian job interview tips is to show that you're genuinely interested and empathetic – two traits any employer wants in their future team.

Eye Contact

Don’t be nervous about maintaining eye contact, good eye contact indicates confidence and honesty. So, take a deep breath and lock eyes with your interviewer. In case you’re wondering, around 7 seconds is a comfortable amount of time, so don’t overthink but don’t stare at the floor or your hands, make sure you’re looking up, it's worth it.

No Crossed Arms

Arms crossed gesture can come off as defensive or resistant, which isn't what you want. Instead, keep your body open to show your willingness to be open, honest and welcoming of the interviewer. Rest your arms on the chair if you want a tip for Australian interviews, so you don’t give off the closed vibe.

Sweating and Forehead Rubbing

Nerves are normal, but excessive sweating and forehead rubbing can signal discomfort or internal struggle. Dress properly so you’re comfortable and don’t get too stuffy. Stay calm and collected, try to avoid rubbing your face.

No Fidgeting

Anxiety might trigger fidgeting, but try to keep it under control. When we asked interviewers tips in Australia, Many said playing with items or your hair can be distracting for both you and the interviewer. Rest your palms on your knees if you notice you’re fidgeting a lot. Stay focused and composed.

What About Virtual Interviews?Now, let's shift gears to virtual interviews. Mastering body language through a screen:

Eye Contact Through the Camera

Maintaining eye contact in a virtual setting is vital. Look directly into the camera, it shows you're engaged and present, even if you can't be in the same room.

Sit Tall, Stand Tall

Your posture matters in virtual interviews in Australia, tips such as to sit up straight with both feet flat on the floor and it’ll make you much better framed. It's amazing how much this simple adjustment can impact the image you present.

Nod and Smile

Nodding and smiling may sound basic, but they are powerful nonverbal cues and really show that you're actively engaged in the conversation and enthusiastic.

Gesture with Purpose

Hand gestures can be impactful if used sparingly and purposefully. Emphasise key points with your hands to add emphasis to your answers. Use it when counting out things like your positive skills. Or discussing a bigggggg project (imagine the arms stretching open).

Remember, 93% of communication is nonverbal. So, it's crucial to refine your body language using our tips for job interviews here in Australia. Practise these tips, own the spotlight, and go rock that interview. If you’re still trying to line up interviews, get signed up with us on Workclass! Best of luck, you've got this!

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