Common Interview Mistakes in Australia: Avoid These Things in Your Job Interview

You got the call for a job interview, your hard work grafting through all those listings, applications, cover letters and CV uploads has finally paid off! It’s easier said than done, we know, but basically the only thing to do now is NOT mess up.

Obviously they are interested in you based on your experience, hence why you’re here. So many people get nervous at this stage and then next thing you know, you’re walking out of the building with your mind replaying all those shocking moments. So here’s the common interview mistakes in Australia you should be aware of:

  • Mistake #1 Lack of Prep

By far the most common interview mistake in Australia interviews is failing to research the company prior to the interview. Check the website, social media, press releases and news coverage to understand products, culture, and values.. Ask insightful questions that show you’ve done your homework. Hiring managers want to see genuine interest.

  • Mistake #2 Underdress

Your appearance counts, formal attire is the way to go. Occasionally for creative roles, stylish business casual can work if done properly, but if you’re not sure it’s better to overdress than underdress.

  • Mistake #3 Lateness

Rushing will put you in the wrong headspace and cause stress you don’t need, so allow extra time to arrive 10-15 minutes early. Using the time to chill. Getting your head together. Remember that time keeping is a good value to demonstrate, showing you’re reliable.

  • Mistake #4 Over-Keen

When responding to questions, listen to what is being asked before answering. When you’re nervous, a common interview mistake in Australian interviews is to be too keen. Don’t fill the silence by jumping in prematurely. If needed, ask for clarification or a moment to gather thoughts. This shows you’re not afraid to take your time and make sure you understand.

  • Mistake #5 Rambling

Aim to find the balance between to the point and detailed responses. Give decent context and examples to answer well without rambling on tangents. Not being direct is a mistake that’s common in interviews for Australian candidates, give statistics and facts where possible. Be mindful that sometimes saying less is better. You can always ask, would you like more detail or does that answer your question?

  • Mistake #6 Low Energy

Showing your enthusiasm and positivity is an advantage. Radiate it out in your body language, tone, and gestures. Give a positive spin on things and always avoid complaining about past jobs.

  • Mistake #7 Not Asking Questions

Make sure you have a couple of questions about the company to ask when invited. This shows you actually care. Ask them about challenges, goals, training etc. This shows you can take initiative and interest in the interview and a common mistake in Australia companies would be to not take an interest.

With preparation, a positive mindset and avoiding common pitfalls, you will ace your next interview and don’t fall for the common interview mistakes in Australia. Head over to Workclass and get applying for jobs, you’ll find a bunch of info there to help you out, we’re always happy to share more insider tips to help you land your dream job.

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