Common Interview Mistakes in Singapore: Avoid These 5 Things for a Perfect Job Interview

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking, especially when you're aiming to make a great impression, we hear it all the time. Everyone tells you “be yourself, be confident”, right? What about the things to avoid? In Singapore's competitive job market, it's crucial to be aware of these mistakes and take steps to avoid them. So we’ve put together the top 5 and provide insights on how to steer clear of them. So, let's up your interview game!

What to Avoid #1: Lack of Preparation

Picture this: you're sitting across from the interviewer, and they ask you a question about the company's values or main focuses. You sit there mumbling and blushing because you didn't bother to research beforehand. Not good! Lack of preparation can instantly derail your interview. A little personal story: I once completely misunderstood what the job role was, didn’t research the company and THE CEO called me to discuss my CV. It was painful. I didn’t know any of the industry terms he used, and couldn't answer anything about the company. The call lasted OVER AN HOUR. The only thing I can be grateful for is that it wasn’t in front of him. I was so embarrassed I didn’t even follow up. But I promise you, I’ve never made that mistake since.To avoid this, start by going through their website, social media pages etc and you’ll get the feel for its values, and its recent accomplishments. Familiarise yourself with the job description and be prepared to match your answers with the role. 

What to Avoid #2: Inadequate Body Language

Non-verbal cues can speak louder than words during an interview. Would you hire someone who looked at their shoes the whole time and you could barely hear them speaking? Me neither. Avoid slouching, crossing your arms, or brief/non-existent eye contact, as these gestures can convey disinterest or lack of confidence. Instead, maintain an upright posture, make eye contact, and display open and engaged body language.

What to Avoid #3: Insufficient Research on the Industry

Apart from knowing about the company, it's vital to stay updated on industry trends and developments. Employers value candidates who demonstrate a genuine interest in the field. So showcase your industry knowledge during an interview, stay informed by reading industry publications, following relevant blogs, and joining professional networks. By doing so, you'll be well-equipped to discuss industry-specific topics and demonstrate your passion for the field.

What to Avoid #4: Weak Communication Skills

Communication is key. Whether it's speaking too fast, using filler words, or failing to articulate your thoughts clearly, weak communication skills can hinder your chances of success. To improve, practise mock interviews with friends or family members, focusing on clarity, conciseness, and confidence. Even just record your answers to questions as a voice clip and listen back to them. Pay attention to your pacing, enunciation, and use of relevant examples to support your answers.

What to Avoid #5: Negativity and Lack of Enthusiasm

Nobody wants to work with someone who radiates negativity or lacks enthusiasm. Unfortunately, this is a common interview mistake Singapore candidates make during interviews. If you’re feeling it inside, it will radiate outside. Maintain a positive and enthusiastic attitude throughout the entire process. Show genuine interest in the role and the company, and highlight your enthusiasm for the opportunity. A positive attitude can differentiate you from other candidates and leave a memorable impression on your interviewer.

Although it can seem harsh, please do take on board and internalise these top 5 interview mistakes Singapore candidates make and how to avoid them. By taking proactive steps to prepare, improving your body language, staying informed about the industry, honing your communication skills, and showcasing enthusiasm. Start your job search on Workclass today, put these tips into action and you’re guaranteed to get your deserved career success.

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