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Imagine the interviewers naked.

Isn’t that just the most useless advice you’ve ever heard? The funny thing is, we always look at interviews as this big, scary, intimidating thing. Think about it, the person sitting across from you is human too. The wonderful thing about human’s is, we’re predictable. Which means the questions are completely predictable too. So if you’re looking forward to landing your new job and basking in the beautiful Singapore sunshine, we can make the interview easy for you. By the end of this article you’ll have the cheat code to deal with some of the top interview questions you’d encounter for Singapore jobs and show you exactly how to answer with confidence, stand out from the crowd and get you your dream job.

Here’s the best guide with the most common questions and the perfect ways to answer.

Question 1 “Tell Me About Yourself”

Workclass experts hint: This is your chance to make a great first impression.

When faced with the infamous "Tell me about yourself" question, it's your chance to shine and make a lasting impression. Take this opportunity to share a story that highlights your skills, experiences, and passion for the industry. Here’s a great example:

“I graduated from school in 2008, and my strongest subject was always business. I was really fascinated with the way companies are put together and all the parts operate to make a successful business. That’s why I worked for Daiso for 5 years, it’s a huge business with so many branches, you can quickly meet a wide network of skilled people. I’ve also travelled around South East Asia for a few months this summer to visit family. Now I want to bring that passion for business here, to the Business Development Officer role at your company, bringing what I know and also building my knowledge further”.

That may seem like a mouthful. You don’t have to learn it word for word, but what we’ve done here is left loads of conversation threads hanging out there for the interviewer to grab onto. We’ve talked about school, studying business, a retailer/large franchise, networking, travel, family, South East Asia, summer, this business, the job role and learning. They can easily grab one of these threads and move the conversation on, or move into talking about an area that you’ll be confident speaking about.

You can give this a personal touch and discuss hobbies or interests too, remember in Singapore, interview questions will often mostly be delivered in true polite, friendly Singaporean style,but remember to tie it back into the job and tailor your response to the job you're applying for to show you’re perfect for the role.

Question 2 “Why Do You Want to Work for Our Company?”

Workclass experts hint: Here’s where you can show your research and Impress

Employers in Singapore love candidates who show genuine interest in their organisation. Before your interview, do your homework! Dig deep into the company's mission, values, and recent achievements. You can look up their LinkedIn page or Twitter feed. Just one or two examples are fine, make them simple and easy to remember but something that genuinely interests you. Then, weave your findings into your answer to showcase your enthusiasm.

Let’s have a quick example of a good reply:

“I saw that in June the business celebrated Pride 2023. I like to be part of a group that is respectful and welcoming of others, this is a big part of who I am too. On your Facebook page you mentioned having a Cycle to Work Competition for employees in the Singapore office. I’m really into my fitness and like it when a business encourages a healthy lifestyle.”

A key here is to be genuine. You’ll find something to connect with easily in the company. If you really can’t think of or find anything, you have two options: you can just talk about what you like about the job. Or option 2 is, look for another role. Workclass posts new ones all day, every day.

Question 3 “Describe a Challenging Scenario and How You Overcame It”

Workclass experts hint: Basically these are the same questions, Singapore interviewers want to know you can keep calm, be resilient and face things with confidence.

Singapore's job market can be competitive and fast-paced so in interview questions, demonstrating your ability to handle stress is crucial. Share specific examples from your past experiences where you successfully managed pressure and achieved positive outcomes. When planning for interview questions in Singapore like this in advance, try this:1. Writing down a difficult work situation you faced.2. Why was it so tough? Just one or two reasons.3. How did YOU solve the problem? 

4. What skills does this show to interviewers?

It’s fine to admit if something was beyond you, or you needed to go to your manager, your future employer will respect the honesty, as long as you show you’re capable of maintaining a level head in challenging situations.

Remember, we've all faced challenges in our careers, employers appreciate candidates who can keep cool and get the job done through these tough times. Highlight your problem-solving skills, taking control of the situation and making a (successful) decision.

Question 4 “Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?”

Workclass experts hint: You can show your ambition to succeed in Singapore and within the company you’re interviewing with.

Employers want to know that you have a vision for your future and that it aligns with their organisation's goals. If you’ve read Question 2 “Why Do You Want to Work for Our Company?”, you’ll remember that a quick search on the company’s social media can give you a good idea of their future plans and how those values align with yours. Express your personal ambitions and goals, then make sure you relate them back to the position and company you're interviewing with. Here is a great moment to show enthusiasm for growth opportunities within the organisation and your interest in continuous learning and development.

If you’re feeling super confident, this is a great chance to get interviewers to sell you the job. Try asking them “What kind of progression can I expect over a few years in the company?” or even get personal with the interviewer “Can you tell me about your own personal journey in this company and where you started compared to where you are now?”. This can show real courage. Remember in a typical Singapore interview, being direct is fine but always be respectful. Coming across too aggressive or arrogant can work against you.You’re ready.

Now that you're armed with some of the top interview questions for Sinagapore job, nervous? That’s OK! It’s perfectly normal to feel nerves when something is important. Remember, practice makes perfect! Rehearse your answers, practise with some mock interviews, and fine-tune your responses. Now you're ready to take the next step, head over to Workclass and check out all the employers lining up on the ultimate job search platform, looking for you!

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Bonus Tip!

If you’re reading to the end, we appreciate you. There’s a little tip that can really help you out that most people don’t think about:

Water. It’s so simple, when you come in and sit down, ask for a glass of water or if your interviewer offers, say ‘yes please!’.

Whenever you need a moment to think, breathe, take a sip and then begin. These few extra seconds can help you organise your thoughts and speak more confidently and calmly.

When we get nervous our mouth can get dry too, so always keep that secret weapon nearby, a simple glass of water.

Remember – preparation and confidence. For more insider tips and tricks, as well as all the latest jobs in Singapore, get on Workclass and you'll be equipped to find, apply and smash any job interview. Good luck on your journey to career success, we’re right here with you!

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