Find a Job on Indeed Indonesia with These Tips

It’s not an accident that Indeed has become the most popular job search site in Indonesia, with a huge number - over 5 million visitors per month. It pulls together a bunch of job listings from loads of different sources, making it a solid tool for you Indonesian job seekers. Straight to business, to make the most of it, follow these tips to find, apply and land the roles on Indeed:

You can dead quickly filter by a bunch of different criteria to pinpoint ideal openings. In the "With these words in job title" box, enter key terms you want to see in the role name. For example, "sales manager".

In "With at least one of these words", include variants related to your field. For a sales role, enter "sales, business development, account manager".

Under "With none of these words" list terms to exclude like "senior", "executive" or "recruiter" if not wanted.

Select your target locations in Indonesia and preferred distance - for example Bali or Jakarta. Run the search and evaluate the results. Tweak your keywords to refine it to perfection.

What about the keywords?

Sit down for a minute - with a nice smoke or a good cup of luwak coffee and brainstorm relevant keywords and the jargon/terminology for your industry and role type. If you want to find the stuff most others aren’t finding and applying for - strategic use of keywords is your secret. The more refined you can be, the less applicants it will have and this is key.

For example, an IT professional may include: "software engineer", "full stack", "java", "python", "agile", "scrum" and so on.

Optimising with precise keywords gives you way better job matches. Review postings to identify high-performing search terms - but mix in the right amount of niche so you get the jobs with low applicants to give you better odds of landing it.

Ping, ping, ping - Alerts

Once you've locked in an effective search, set up email alerts. Might even help you to have a separate email account (bonus points for bravery if you use your current work email, although we don’t recommend it - admins can see this). You’ll then get an (or millions of) email(s) matching new jobs daily so you never miss out on them.

Definitely you want to customise frequency and location radius for alerts - because they will spam the life out of you - and get it aligned to your preferences. Don’t fight the algos, adapt your search as you work out what kind of roles they spit out. Work with the tech genius, not against it..

Stalk away.

Pay attention to companies advertising on Indeed - not like, looking through their bathroom window, but also not just a quick Google. For the ones you're interested in, dig through the websites and social media - try and chat them up on LinkedIn too, a connection could help.

Although it can be dull, they all wanna talk about their services, culture and values - and you can get a long way by knowing these and talking to them in their own language - going over their socials for recent activities will give you an edge in interviews and even your application.

Recruiters/Hiring Manager

Yes, they expect it. Yes, it’s acceptable. You don’t have to send them flowers on their birthday or write them sonnets about why you want a job, but getting the contact info for the hiring manager or recruiter means you can reach out directly. This builds connections and gets you noticed.

Search through LinkedIn to find and potentially connect with the decision-maker. Check the company's website for an email address or go bold and call their office.

Chase - without being a pest

After applying, 5-7 days is polite to wait and then chase up if you don't hear back. Send a quick, polite email checking on status. If needed, call the company's office a week later.

This shows sincere interest as long as you don’t hound them and it keeps you front-of-mind through the process.

Indeed is the top source for Indonesian job seekers to find exciting new roles across every industry - but so is Workclass, on both sites you should be optimising your searches, setting alerts, researching employers, contacting recruiters and following up, you can close the gap on your dream job and get it boxed off today.

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