Full Guide to Finding a Job with Job Fairs in Indonesia

All day, every day we’re dealing with Indonesian jobs, job seekers, networking, CVs and people asking us every question you can imagine about finding a job. One of the least asked about things these days is the job fairs. Are they a throw back to the 80s? Some huge converted hall with crappy carpets, stinking of cigarette smoke as judgemental HR staff sit reluctantly there eyeballing you while some jumped up sales manager hounds you. Well job fairs have evolved and with the right strategies, you can do something not many other people are doing: leveraging local job fairs.

Know Thyself

Before starting your search, go to the mountains of Pakistan, find a cave, achieve enlightenment and then come back and continue reading. Just kidding, keep reading. But my point is you want to bevery clear on the work you want, you should have a list of musts like salary over $35k, schedule flexibility so you can pick up kids from school, open and accepting company culture, because of your sexual preferences etc. Then take some time to reflect on your own skills, interests and values to match these two worlds together. This self-awareness is a solid foundation for life in general, but especially work, for finding the right fit.

Get Tooled Up

Now you’ve got your target job in mind, put in the effort on your resume, write a “best seller” worthy cover letter and clean up (or fluff up) all your online profiles - yes I mean your Facebook too, if its in your full name. Have different CVs for different fields, making reference to the right accomplishments so it makes sense. Writing a strong and easily adaptable cover letter, makes it feel like a personal connection with the employer. Keep your LinkedIn profile updated (this is worth its weight in gold - most recruiters check it).

  • Oh, hi Mark.

It’s not that big a country (although a lot of smaller islands - the main business hubs are few), so you can easily make big waves in Indonesia and connect to the right people for insider information. Reach out to friends, ex-colleagues and that random dude who let you use his lighter outside the bar on World Cup day, to ask about possible openings. If there are conferences, socials etc, make sure you’re a face to be seen at local industry gatherings to expand your network. So many jobs are never formally advertised, going straight to a friend, existing staff, or just whoever came forward and saved them the cost of advertising the job. Networking is invaluable.

  • Work smarter, not harder.

Trust me, we’re a job board - we know job boards can be helpful, don't rely on them only. Make sure you check back in on company websites directly for newly posted openings. Follow the employers you’re keen on, on social media and make sure you sign up for customised job notifications so you get all that good stuff, right in your inbox.

  • I thought this article was about Job Fairs?

Alright, chill with the attitude. It is. Job fairs can be the best way to network and meet recruiters , getting in some solid facetime. You’ll also find big companies mass hiring at job fairs because they are happy to have high turnover. But you’re wanting to know where are the meet ups, aren’t you my impatient reader? Well here are some major ones in Indonesia:

  • Indonesia Career Expo (ICE) in Jakarta each March
  • Job Fair ITB in Bandung in March/April for tech and engineering roles
  • Universitas Indonesia's Job Fair in July in Jakarta
  • Manufacturing Indonesia in Jakarta in October

Make sure you’re prepared with a nice neat folder with a bunch of pre-printed and updated copies of your CV. Treat a job fair like a series of mini interviews - you want to give out the right vibe, be professional and take the chance to make an impression- not just hand out paper and leave. Likewise, make sure you collect business cards and take notes on companies you click with - scribbling on the back a couple of reminders of who, where you met, what you talked about, even what they look like- can really help.

  • Try everything.

While you may have a very specific job type in mind, don't rule out unexpected opportunities. You barely even know what you want for dinner tonight, how should you know what will be the best career choice for you? We only know what we know, we don't know what we don't know. Without being too philosophical, look at everything, let your network suggest options you may not have considered. Even roles that don't check every box may have growth potential or other advantages.

Well, you’re already smarter, and closer to your ideal job in Indonesia! Heading over to Workclass and hitting search, and you’ll be closer still. A little confidence boost - the right employer will recognize the value you bring - keep your pecker up. Wishing you success.

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