Hospitality Jobs in Ireland - Nobody celebrates like the Irish

Hospitality jobs in Ireland are the best places to absorb Irish culture and join the best partying nation in the world. The sector continues experiencing immense growth across tourism, hotels, restaurants and events. Major cities like Dublin, Galway and Cork provide abundant openings, from front desk agents to chefs to venue managers. With the right preparation, you can impress hiring managers and break into this lively industry. Read on for expert advice tailored to the Irish market.

Ireland's Established Hospitality Sectors

Tourism is surging, Dublin Airport saw record traffic in 2022. Hotels, resorts, B&Bs, pubs, and restaurants, hospitality jobs in Ireland across the board are all ramping up hiring to meet demand. Event spaces are also booked solid for conferences, weddings, and cultural festivities.

Opportunities span front office, guest services, housekeeping, maintenance, kitchen roles like prep cooks and chefs, bartending and waiting tables. Management and supervisory roles also abound for experienced applicants.

Build a Standout CV and Cover Letter

Customise your resume and cover letters to each role, emphasising these key areas:

  • Customer service
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Working under pressure
  • Food handling certifications
  • First aid
  • Languages


Before interviewing for a hospitality job in Ireland, dig into the venue's brand, services, reviews and clientele. Familiarity shows genuine interest in aligning with their mission and culture. Follow their social media for real time insights.

Show Up

Punctuality displays respect and reliability. Arrive 5-10 minutes early to get settled. It is important to dress professionally for a hospitality job. In Ireland - polished, minimal accessories and scents, well groomed will go far. Align attire with company standards.


Keep resumes, cover letters, certifications and references organised in a folder. Avoid last minute rummaging. In Ireland, hospitality job staff and venues have to be organised and together, to make sure the events go smoothly and guests have a great time, you should show you’re organised and together too.


Expect questions probing your customer service mindset, handling difficult patrons, managing pressure and multitasking. In hospitality, and jobs in Ireland especially you need to be easy going and ready for anything. Rehearse highlighting your strengths and relevant experience. Relate everything back to your passion for the role and company.


This field requires genuine interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence. Display confidence, positivity, empathy and sincerity. Share what excites you about contributing. Passion gets remembered.

Deliver Value

While compensation matters, initially emphasise your commitment to hospitality, delivering fantastic experiences, evolving offerings, and upholding company values. This builds important rapport.

Even offering a working interview or trial shift for the hospitality job in Ireland can favourably showcase your abilities. Many venues appreciate this initiative.

With preparation and enthusiasm, you can land your ideal hospitality role in Ireland. Stay persistent until you find the right fit, then dedicate yourself fully. The connections you'll make and skills gained will prove invaluable throughout your career. Ready to start applying? Workclass connects you to phenomenal companies hiring now across this vibrant sector. Sign up today!

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