How to Successfully Change Career in Singapore

Changing careers can be daunting yet rewarding. Studies have found that company loyalty is decreasing year on year as more professionals are happy to change employers, whether it’s for positives or negatives. We’ll give you all the info you’ll need if you’re planning a change of career in Singapore now or in the future.

Understand Your Preferences

Completing career quizzes and personality assessments reveals motivations and interests. This helps identify potential new paths. Playing career games also sparks ideas.

Reflect on Childhood Pursuits

Your childhood interests often indicate what gives you joy and fulfilment. Making a career incorporating those passions can be deeply rewarding.

Seek Outside Perspectives

Recruiters and career coaches provide informed, objective advice on [change career singapore]. Their insights illuminate fulfilling roles and development needs. The job search platform Workclass connects professionals to coaches.

Discuss Plans with Others

Family and friends may see solutions more clearly, knowing your personality and motivations well. Their connections could facilitate your [change career singapore].

Expand Your Network

Actively network with industry professionals and leaders on sites like LinkedIn. Finding a mentor guides your transition. Use connections to uncover opportunities.

Gain Relevant Skills

Pursue training, education, internships, and traineeships to build expertise for a new field. You’ll find an abundnce of online classes available now for free, that you can study any time and at home. Even consider volunteering if you really want to give back while bettering yourself.


Understand certification and licensing needs for your desired career. Identify essential skills and experience most employers require.

Financal Implications

Evaluate costs of training and income potential in the new field. Create a plan to manage any temporary income decreases during your transition.

Update Application Materials

Tailor your resume, cover letter, portfolio and online profiles to the new field. Highlight relevant transferable skills and achievements.

Now you’re in the loop, with proper self-reflection, planning, and persistence, you can make a fulfilling career change in Singapore or wherever you are, at any stage of life. Get yourself signed up to Workclass to see what’s out there and even check out the salary ranges for your potential career move for extra motivation. Remember to evaluate your interests, research options, gain expertise, and leverage connections to switch successfully.

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