How to Use LinkedIn to Find A Job in Singapore

LinkedIn has changed the game for recruitment and job seeking in Singapore. Are you on the right side of the trend? With over 4 million members in Singa alone, LinkedIn has become the go-to spot and according to multiple sources, around 87% of companies in Singapore now make the most of LinkedIn for finding and snooping on potential hires.

For job finding in Singapore on LinkedIn, you need a profile which is optimised for the searches and dazzling for the finders is now beyond a choice, it's a must have for success. A massive 92% of recruiters review a candidate's LinkedIn prior to interviews, some crazy ex-girlfriend level of stalking. So you’d better have a decent LinkedIn presence that can get you noticed, shortlisted, interviewed and taken on board in Singapore's highly competitive job market.

We’re gonna cover key best practices to find a job on LinkedIn for Singapore to help you make the most of the site and bump up your recruitment opportunities.

Get a Memorable Headline

Your headline is valuable real estate - use it wisely. Go beyond just your job title to bring attention to your specialties, achievements and personal brand. Solid headlines use keywords recruiters search for. For example, "Award-Winning Marketing Leader with 10+ Years Growing FMCG Brands in APAC". A word salad, I know. But trust me, it works.

Flex Your Skills

Your skills section is your chance to brag about your expertise. Make sure you’re putting down both technical hard skills and soft skills for roles you are targeting. According to a 2022 NTU survey, candidates who tighten up the section for their skills have a 22% higher chance of being contacted by recruiters in Singapore, that’s a decent edge on the competition.

Have an Engaging “About” Section

Bring your profile to life through an interesting snapshot of your background, passions and motivations. Share how your career has moved through the gears and what progressions you’ve made, boast about some accomplishments and things that make you special and unique.

Get Endorsed

Now’s the time to hound your random high school friends for a bump in “communication” and “B2B sales”. Endorsements give credit to the skills mentioned in your profile. Reach out to peers and colleagues, but on a serious note, try to avoid randomised endorsements just to boost numbers - it’s a game of quality over quantity.

Grow Your Network Strategically

Expand your connections, but go specifically for linking up meaningfully with those in your industry versus random adding like a 15 year old on Facebook. Candidates with 500+ connections get significantly more profile views, not to mention you could easily have a 1st or second connection with someone who’s checking you out.

Share Valuable Content

There’s a bunch of virtue-signalling ego-manciacs on LinkedIn, posting completely fabricated stories of “oh my god this just happened to me, true story” just so they can appear righteous and get engagement. Don’t be one of those. Instead aim to be consistently posting market insights, trends and commentary but devoid of your political or philosophic ramblings where possible. Shoot for 2-3 posts per week for optimal visibility.

Monitor Your Brand

If you put on the hat of a recruiter and check out what comes up when people search for you online, this can help you manage any negative results through platform tools.

With Singapore's ultra competitive employment landscape, an optimised LinkedIn is mandatory for success. Get over to Workclass to get signed up and make sure you have your LinkedIn URL on your profile. Follow the strategies here to boost your visibility and show your talents. The data shows that a smokin’ hot LinkedIn presence gives candidates a significant competitive edge in Singapore's thriving job market.

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