Indonesia Interview Tips: How to Perfect Your Job Interview in Indonesia

As if you’ve not got enough to worry about. You’ve spent goodness knows how long on a dozen different CVs, hours finding jobs, applying, sending off all those bloody applications. Then you’ve emailed to follow up, however many hundred times. You’ve more cover letters than you know what to do with. Who even was that company? Did you just send a cover letter to Steve which was meant for Michelle? There’s not enough coffee to deal with this.

Even after all that, yay! Email. From the company. Interview. Tuesday. 9am. Hell yes. You excitedly reply then BOOM. Nerves hit. It’s been ages since your last interview, what do you even do? I got you covered, read up, sit down, breathe, we’ll get through this:


Make sure (as much as poss) you’ve been having nutritious food and a good night's zzz's. You'll feel focused, not sluggish and ready to impress. Getting 7-9 hours of sleep improves brain power significantly, you’ll look brighter. Be more responsive. Faster on your feet. Don’t skip this step.

Research You want to know that employer inside and out, all the usual boring stuff like mission and values. Yeah I know, yawn. But if you’re asked about it and can answer smartly, it shows you care. Don’t be one of the people that’s like “I dunno man, I just showed up you know?”.

GoalsIt helps big time to have vision of where this job fits in with your plans. Not just all the things you wanna buy from Lazada or Facebook Marketplace, but what you actually want from this role and where you want to be in 5 years. Driven, focused candidates get what they want.  

Dress Code

Although flops and shorts might be 99% of life in Indonesia, professional attire for interviews is not negotiable. Make the effort. You want to be simply clean, tidy and feel good. We all make first impressions naturally, make yours good.

GreetingKick off the interaction with a warm, polite vibe like "Good morning Ms. Smith, I’m Clara. Lovely to meet you!". Short, sincere and sweet.


Sit tall, shoulders back. Focus, don’t fidget. Lean in a little to show interest.

BreatheIt’s completely normal to feel some nerves, it shows this is important. Just take slow, deep breaths to stay cool, calm, collected and in control.

BONUS - The Power Pose

My personal favourite trick for dates, interviews, situations where you need to own it - before heading in, find a quiet spot if you need to, stand tall with your hands on your hips like Superman for 60 seconds. Chin up, deep breaths. This power pose raises your testosterone (it’s true, Google it) and boosts confidence.

That’s it, Workclass has given you the tips, you may have even found your job with us too! But the credit is yours, along with the skills, experience and passion for this role. Now go in there and wow them by being your awesome self. Sending positive vibes your way.

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