JobSeekers Allowance to Highest Paid Jobs: An Insider's Guide to the Australian Job Market

G'day mate! We’ve spent some time picking the brains of the top recruiters in this wonderful land Down Under. Also running through information about vaccine mandated jobs and the job seekers allowance benefits, we’ve stuck it all together in one place to help you out. Getting the job market by the short and curlies in Australia is the key to success in your job search. The more you know, the smarter you can search. Be a chameleon and be willing to change and adapt, to make the most of the environment in Australia and you’ll soon see that it offers a pretty wide scope of opportunities through its many sectors.

Across the country there are around 13 million people employed, scattered across different industries, the unemployment rate sits at a respectable 5.1% (data from June 2023 and from the Australian Bureau of Statistics). We’re gonna tap into what to do if you’re outta work, moving into work, looking for the top jobs and wondering why Oz is the place to be.

Getting ON JobSeekers Allowance

First thing to know really is about the JobSeeker Payment, formerly known as the Newstart Allowance. A big part of Australia's social security system, especially over the last couple of years, this scheme provides financial assistance to those who are actively looking for work. How much is JobSeekers allowance? AU$620.80 every fortnight was the JobSeeker Payment for a single person with no children, as recently as in 2021. Keep in mind, these rates can change, depending on things like your household situation, income, and savings you have access to.

To be eligible for it, you’ve got to meet a few criteria:

  • You must be aged between 22 and the age for pension
  • Be a resident of Australia
  • Pass income and assets tests
  • Of course, you must be out of work and actively looking for employment
  • Or temporarily unable to work due to illness or injury

Getting OFF JobSeekers Allowance

Let's imagine you've just landed a job, and you're wondering about your JobSeeker Payment. Here's some good news - it doesn't halt the moment you start earning. Instead, it's adjusted gradually as your income increases. Specifically, for every dollar you earn over AU$150 per fortnight, your JobSeeker Payment decreases by 60 cents. This creates a helpful buffer as you step into the world of regular employment.

What is the highest paying job in Australia?

- Surgeons - $400,000+

- Anaesthetists - $400,000+

- Lawyers - $200,000+

- Mining engineers - $180,000+

Fair dinkum question. We all wanna know what the guys earning the big cucks are getting, healthcare is Australia’s largest employing industry, with 1.8 million workers as of 2021. Our ageing population and world-class facilities mean demand for medical professionals will only increase. 

Surgeons and anaesthetists earning an average AU$400,000, according to data from as recently as 2021. Legal eagles are always needed and considering Australia’s mineral rich land, mining engineers always do pretty well, mining contributed over $270 billion to the national economy just a couple of years ago.

Working in Australia isn’t all work. They Aussies know how to party too, and if you prefer more exploring and being outdoors, you’ve got all of outback's rugged beauty to go at (make sure you’re prepared for all the bitey stuff) and for more safe and simple. Each territory has its own charm and industries, adding to the job variety and meaning that if you’re willing to move areas, you can nudge up your earnings significantly, if you shoot for the areas where your skills are in more demand. There’s a whole country worth of stunning coastlines. Location-wise, NSW (which covers Sydney) and Victoria (covering Melbourne) are powerhouses, collectively between them employing over 7 million blokes and sheilas. Western Australia (covering Perth area and wider) packs a punch too with its mining sector.

What is the highest paying job? Well around the world, you can see similar things. Top earners worldwide are often specialist doctors such as surgeons and anaesthetists.  Their complex and demanding work garners hefty paychecks. You may notice this is without factoring in folks like stock traders or business owners for example. Mainly we’ve left out the high end finance type stuff because for one, it’s so wildly variable. As Bear Stearns employees will tell you, one week you can be on $250k plus bonus, the next you can be on your mum’s couch. Big business owners or corporate CEOs do earn high salaries, but to get there can take 20 years, and they get the big bucks because of the responsibilities that come with managing large corporations, especially when you have to answer to shareholders.

Jobs That Don’t Require Vaccine in Australia?

Legal Aid Australia confirms SOME employers can require vaccination for safety reasons, which in sectors like healthcare, aged care, and quarantine facilities understandably may impose a measure. However the situation is changing constantly as more information comes to light, as we are already starting to see studies coming out showing potential side effects of the vaccine. In most work situations employers won’t ask and you won’t be obliged to tell, however especially in the healthcare fields, be respectful of employers and if they insist and you resist, then it’s better to find a company more aligned with your values.Those medically unable to be vaccinated may be exempt.

Why Australia?

  • Minimum 4 weeks annual leave

Most Australians get at least 4 weeks of paid annual leave, some get up to 6 or 8 weeks. Plus there are 10+ public holidays depending on your state. Plenty of time to soak up the good life.

  • Work/life balance

The laid back Aussies are known all over for knowing how to live. Working hard, but not at the expense of your well being. Clock off at 5 and hit the beach.

  • Laidback lifestyle

Roll into work in thongs, crack open a cold one with colleagues, and call your boss “mate”.

Also a good cultural thing about Oz, leaders are accessible and ego is checked at the door.

  • Multiculturalism

Australia is pretty well known for its diversity, with 30% born overseas, bunch of pommies, Singas, Yanks, Kiwis, South East Asians, you name it. Sometimes Australia can get a bad rap as racist, and like everywhere, it does exist, but most people you meet are down to earth, friendly and happy you’re here, no matter where you’re from.

Of course, I’ve just scratched the surface but hopefully you get the vibe, being in Oz isn’t just about being a 9-5 drone - it’s a healthy balance of a lifestyle. Head over to Workclass where we have a bunch of the top salary jobs and loads of options in different industries for you.

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