Land Your Ideal Part-Time Job in Ireland's Booming Market

Ireland's economy continues to thrive, GDP is estimated to have increased by 12% in 2022 alone, record low unemployment and companies urgently hiring across different sectors. There can be many reasons that full time hours don’t work for you and you’ll find quality part-time roles in Ireland are abundant for those seeking flexibility and work-life balance. If there’s one thing the Irish are known for around the world it’s a “good craic” or having a great time. Here’s a solid guide to understanding, finding and nailing your part-time job in Ireland.

Assess Your Goals

Start the right way and get clear on what you want from part-time work. Supplement income between full-time jobs or studies? Gain experience in a new field? Pursue a passion project? Maintain skills during a career break? Understanding your motivations allows you to hone in on suitable positions, and answer interview questions better.

Next, consider key logistics - location, hours, how it affects your time and if it is worth it, financially. Also factor in how the role will help with career growth, learning opportunities, what you can take from the company culture and benefits you’ll gain. Defining these factors will help assess which roles and companies are a good match and help you decide, when you end up with multiple offers.

Leverage Your Networks

Networking is invaluable when job searching. Tell friends, ex-teachers, former colleagues and your existing professional connections you’re looking for part-time work. They can alert you to unposted openings and provide introductions. With Ireland’s very social and friendly way of living, you’ll find many roles that never hit public job boards by talking to people. Tap your networks to access these “hidden” jobs.

You can also connect with other full or part-time workers in Ireland who are employed by “target companies” through LinkedIn or industry meetups. Ask about their experience, company culture and how to stand out in the hiring process, or even if they can recommend you.

Look beyond traditional part-time gigs like retail, hospitality or manual labour. You should expand your search for part time work in Ireland across professional sectors like technology, finance, healthcare, admin and more. You’d be surprised how many companies may need cover for someone, or just a helper, or even a more experienced person part time to help a team grow. Some examples of schedule-friendly roles are:

  • On-call nurses, therapists and home health aides
  • Remote customer service agents
  • Project-based paralegals
  • Flexible HR and accounting associates
  • Part-time IT technicians and developers

Having an in-demand skill or certification can qualify you for more lucrative, resume-building part-time work in Ireland.

Some firms are increasingly willing to accommodate reduced or flexible schedules. Don’t limit yourself to “part-time” job listings. You can also apply for full-time roles that interest you, then discuss your scheduling needs once an offer is extended, working out hybrid, reduced hours or part time arrangements.

Leverage Online Job Boards

Sites like Workclass or Indeed make searching for local part-time jobs in Ireland super easy. You can quickly filter by location, salary, hours and other preferences to narrow down to openings matching your criteria, then set up alerts for new relevant postings.

On these sites, you can quickly submit applications to multiple part-time opportunities in Ireland to accelerate your search.

Customize Your Resume

Adjust your resume formatting to emphasise part-time experience. List your most relevant part-time jobs first. Make a note of the part time factor in position descriptions and make sure you mention skills like time keeping, flexibility, working on initiative etc. Quantify accomplishments like customers served, sales made, projects completed, etc.

In your summary, explain why you’re seeking part-time work in Ireland. Tailor this section for each application to match the role’s requirements.

Address It Directly

Some employers may question your interest or commitment to part-time work. Address this proactively in your cover letter. Share why reduced hours align with your current situation, without being too personal or negative about it. Highlight how your schedule availability fits their needs, not just yours and sell them on value you can provide in a part-time capacity.

Part-time work can provide the flexibility you need right now while letting you gain new skills and experiences. By taking a focused approach to your search, you can secure the ideal schedule-friendly position tailored to your goals. Ready to find your next part-time job in Ireland? The team at Workclass can help you connect with great companies hiring across Ireland. Sign up and launch your search today!

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