Land the Highest Paid Finance Jobs in Singapore: Expert Tips for Job Hunting and Interviews

When you think of financial capitals, what’s the image that springs to mind? For me it’s London’s Canary Wharf with its gargantuan buildings across the Thames, or Wall Street in New York City with the famous golden bull. Did you know Singapore is one of the fastest up and coming finance hubs in the world? With Government pledges to create 20,000 new finance jobs in the coming years, along with one of the best connected and famously voted best airport in the world, the place to be for finance jobs is Singapore. We’re going to let you in on the secret and share valuable insights about the finance industry, provide you with essential resources to optimize your CV, plus, we'll show you how Workclass is perfectly placed as the global job search platform that connects top talent with the best finance job opportunities in Singapore.

Established Sectors in Singapore's Finance Industry

When it comes to finance jobs, Singapore boasts several well-established sectors. The banking industry, including global and regional banks, presents abundant opportunities for aspiring finance professionals. Additionally, the asset management and insurance sectors are flourishing, providing diverse career paths. All the big players are here and having experience in this fast expanding environment is going to pay dividends for years to come.

Fastest Growing Areas in Finance

You’ll know all of the buzzwords that fly around, but the key growth sectors over the last few years and in the coming few, such as FinTech, cryptocurrency, and sustainable investing are among the rapidly evolving fields in Singapore. Capital management, insurance and banking (some people are even calling TradFi - traditional finance) literally make the world go around. All you have to do is look up at the skyline and see the names blazed into the sky.

Essential Skills and Resources for Finance Job Seekers

When crafting your CV, it's essential to include relevant keywords and skills that resonate with finance employers in Singapore. Showcase your proficiency in financial analysis, risk management, financial modelling, and proficiency in financial softwares.

Fluency in languages like Mandarin or Bahasa Indonesia can also be advantageous for dealing with clients in the region. Remember, Workclass offers a range of finance job opportunities, so make sure to highlight these skills on your Workclass profile.

We’ve talked about blasting through your interviews in depth right here “Singapore Interview Tips: Fly Through Your Job Interview in Singapore with Confidence” [link].

Networking Strategies for Finance Professionals

Known for its taste for the high life, the finance world is cracked wide open when you understand that networking plays a vital role in landing finance jobs in Singapore. Apart from traditional networking events, consider exploring unconventional avenues like industry-related conferences, meetups, or even striking up conversations at bars and lounges.

Engaging with professionals in a more relaxed setting can lead to valuable connections and job opportunities. Remember to be authentic, approachable, and curious when networking. A simple conversation with someone could end up putting you in touch with the perfect job, which you never would have found elsewhere!

Whether you’ve got your solid CV of experience ready or you’re just looking to get your first finance job interview in Singapore, either way you’ll do well to have a comprehensive understanding of the industry's established sectors, awareness of the fastest-growing areas, and effective keyword optimization on your CV. By utilising the insights shared in this article and leveraging Workclass's job search platform, you'll be well on your way to securing the finance job of your dreams. So, what are you waiting for? Time is money! Check out the latest Singapore finance jobs on Workclass and start your journey toward a successful career in Singapore's finance industry today!

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