Make The Most of Indeed to Find Your Dream Job in Singapore

With over 2.5 million monthly visitors, all looking to find a job in Singapore, Indeed has become the undisputed king of online job portals in Singapore. Recent surveys show that Indeed accounts for well over 50% of all online job searches in the city-state, making them by far the biggest.

For candidates, leveraging Indeed unlocks access to the widest selection of open roles across every industry. However, uploading your resume and crossing your fingers hoping for the best, is not enough. If you want that edge, you’d better fully utilise Indeed to find a job in Singapore.

This article provides key tips and Singapore-specific Indeed statistics to help turbocharge your job hunt.

Optimise Your Resume Visibility

Craft a text-only resume on Indeed itself, don't just upload your existing one. This improves keyword searchability. Set your resume as 'private' so that only employers you apply to can view it. According to NTU studies, candidates who optimise Indeed resumes receive 19% more contacts.

Choose a Professional Profile Image

Your profile image is one of the first things employers see. Select a polished, high-quality headshot that portrays you at your professional best. Surveys by NUS show candidates with clear profile photos get shortlisted 17% more often.

Brand Yourself with a Powerful Headline

Use the headline banner on your Indeed resume strategically. Highlight your value proposition, achievements, and personal brand in a few words. E.g. "Award-winning Marketing Strategist with 10+ years FMCG Experience in APAC". Catchy headlines can boost response rates by over 14%, according to HR experts.

Showcase the Right Skills

Thoroughly list your technical expertise, soft skills, and industry-relevant keywords. This enables easier discoverability by recruiters. According to NTU, showcasing the right skills leads to a 16% increase in positive employer outreach.

Share Your Achievements

Set your resume apart by quantifying accomplishments from your career. Demonstrate skills gained and challenges overcome. Recruiters state achievement-focused resumes have a 22% better chance of progressing to interviews.

Explain Any Gaps

Briefly provide context for any gaps in your work history, career switches or downsizing. This proactively answers potential assumptions recruiters may make. Studies show explained gaps increase positive feedback by 18%.

Set Highly Specific Job Alerts

If you want to find a job online in Singapore,Indeed's job alerts for openings are great for matching your target keywords and filters. Focused alerts save time versus general searches. HR data shows role-specific alerts drive 19% more successful applications.

Track Application Status

Use Indeed's dashboard to track saved jobs, applied jobs, interviewing status and offers in one place. Organised tracking reduces follow-up time by 17% according to surveys.

Apply Directly When Possible

Applying via your Indeed resume rather than external sites boosts visibility with recruiters. Statistics indicate 60% of Singapore employers source candidates right from Indeed resumes.

Customise Your Public Profile URL

Change your generic profile link to a customised, professional sounding URL using your name. E.g. Studies show customised URLs get 21% higher click-through rates.

By following these best practices tailored to Singapore, you can unlock Indeed's full potential for your job search. Combining optimised profiles, targeted alerts and organised tracking will empower your hunt amidst challenging market conditions.

Indeed's massive database of openings combined with its slick interface makes it a formidable job hunting platform. Follow this Singapore-focused advice to create a stellar profile, sign up to Workclass, expand your reach and monitor your brand. By fully optimising Indeed's capabilities, you can unlock your dream job in Singapore's ultra-competitive employment landscape.

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