Nursing Jobs in Singapore: Your Guide to CV, Interviews and Job Applications

Out of all the hospitals in the world, Singapore General Hospital landed #9 in the 2013 list of World’s Best Hospitals, finishing above powerful and wealthy European countries like Switzerland and technologically advanced countries such as Japan. When you consider that anything above Singapore on the list was either US and Canada (which benefits from having the top experts and funds) or Germany, Sweden or France (known worldwide for their wealth, accessibility and experience), this is a huge victory for Singapore and testament to their incredible hard work in developing quality of care and the range of available nursing jobs in Singapore hospitals.

In this article, we'll explore why so many qualified healthcare workers choosing Singapore. We also provide insights into the requirements and qualifications needed. Once you’re all caught up, we'll reveal the best places to apply for nursing jobs in Singapore, everything you need!

Requirements in Singapore

Remember to always check the job description carefully, and make sure you’re clear on what is needed before you apply - but here is a great sting point so you’re in the know with what may be different in Singapore. The first step is obtaining a nursing diploma or degree from a recognized institution. After completing your education, aspiring nurses must register with the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) to obtain a practising licence. SNB ensures that nurses meet the necessary standards to deliver safe and competent care. Additionally, proficiency in English is crucial, as it is the primary language used in healthcare settings in Singapore. Demonstrating strong communication skills and a commitment to ongoing professional development will help you stand out in the competitive job market.

Some roles will offer you “entry level” or introductory roles where you can earn your stripes and start at the ground level, so don’t be put off if you’re not fully qualified yet. There are so many nursing jobs in Singapore, so no matter what your level, you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

The Power of Nursing: A Few Facts

Did you know that nursing is one of the most trusted and respected professions globally? Nurses play a crucial role in society as a whole, communities and fast growing populations like Singapore. With strong emotion intelligence, nursing staff are often commended for their ability to connect with patients, offer compassion, empathy, and support during challenging times. Nursing is more than a salary, it's a calling to make an impact on people's lives. All of us can appreciate this selfless and giving career choice.

Why Choose a Career in Nursing?

Simple answer: job security. With an increasing demand for healthcare services in rapidly expanding populations like Singapore - with growing birth rates and falling death rates, nurses are always in high demand, ensuring a stable and fulfilling career path. With almost 250 hospitals, there are always nursing jobs in Singapore. A key reason most people give for entering the healthcare industry is to make a genuine difference in people's lives. Each day you have the opportunity to impact patients' lives, reduce suffering, and bring hope to people who need it most. Finally, although it can seem like a vocation rather than a career, nursing offers diverse career paths and opportunities for growth, from specialising in various areas of healthcare to pursuing advanced degrees, lots of options for professional development.

The Best Places to Apply for Nursing Jobs in Singapore

Now that you're equipped with the necessary knowledge and qualifications, let's explore the best places to apply for nursing jobs in Singapore. One top destination is Workclass, a global job search platform that connects job seekers with reputable employers across various industries, including healthcare. Workclass offers a user-friendly interface, allowing you to browse and apply for nursing positions that match your expertise and preferences. With a vast network of healthcare organisations, Workclass simplifies the job search process and increases your chances of finding the perfect nursing job in Singapore, it’s this simple:

If you head over to Workclass, search for the keyword best suited to your needs or experience, that’s it!

Another great option is researching specific causes that speak to you personally - hospices or care facilities for specific health concerns that maybe you want to focus on or feel a calling towards helping. With such a fast, developing and fast growing place, the demand for nursing jobs in Singapore to be filled is always growing.

From the remarkable impact nurses have on patient care to the outstanding career opportunities available, nursing truly stands out as a rewarding profession especially in Singapore. Remember to read up on the necessary requirements and qualifications, which you’ll always find clearly listed when searching for nursing jobs in Singapore on Workclass. Take the leap and explore the endless possibilities that await you in the field of nursing. Let us help you to change lives for the better!

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