Overview of nursing jobs in Australia: 3 important steps to start the career

Is nursing a good career in Australia? To answer this question, we had a conversation with Helen Hillson regarding the opportunities that await nursing graduates and her views on why nursing is a rewarding career path in Australia.

Helen is an accomplished scholar, holding a Master of Health Practice and a PhD centered on skill development and progression for health professionals at the start of their career. She has a fervent interest in aiding the early career journey and advancement of health practitioners and leverages her role in academia and research to pioneer in this realm.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Nursing in 2007 in UQ School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work, Helen has accumulated over 16 years of experience as a registered nurse, largely in the Emergency Care Unit.

Is a career in nursing right for me? How do I discern?

Helen: It can indeed seem overwhelming when trying to make the correct career choice. It's vital to remember that it's likely you'll experience multiple careers throughout your lifetime, which significantly eases the stress of deciding where to start.

Nursing equips you with an exceptional foundational knowledge that is applicable in a plethora of settings. It's a respected profession that grants you high regard within the community. So a nursing job in Australia is a career where you can exercise knowledge, practice critical thinking, and provide care for others - often in a dynamic and rapidly evolving environment.

My advice? You won't truly know what nursing entails until you've tried it. So, if you harbor a desire to give it a shot, just begin. The sole individual who can determine if it's suitable for you is yourself.

How do I initiate a nursing career? Where should I start to get a nursing job in Australia?

Helen: Embarking on a nursing career begins with education in the field. This can be achieved through a Bachelor of Nursing degree, or if you already possess a certain type of bachelor degree, you might be eligible to commence a master's degree in nursing.

What career opportunities are available regarding nursing jobs in Australia?

Helen: This is indeed a complex question to address because there are emerging roles and spaces for nurses that didn't exist during my study years. And when you graduate, there'll be even more roles and spaces where nurses can apply their expertise.

There are conventional sectors such as hospitals and primary healthcare where nurses work. However, you can also find nurses in cosmetic medicine, the travel industry, community centers, and sports - the list is virtually endless.

Some nurses concentrate on honing their clinical skills and follow a trajectory that augments their clinical prowess and career advancement in this area, while others gravitate towards managerial roles. Others still explore the realm of education. Some nurses are drawn to political roles, others advocate for patient rights. Some transition into nurse practitioner roles, while others - like me - venture into academia, channeling their nursing skills into research and higher education.

What does the job market look like for nursing students after graduation?

If your aim is to become a registered nurse and get a nursing job, Australia is an ideal location. It's a regulated profession with an average annual graduate salary exceeding $70,000.

Data from 2023 indicates that the number of nursing jobs in Australia expanded by 24% between 2018 and 2023. Labour Market insights point towards a diverse career landscape for nursing and promising future industry growth. Some sectors (including primary care, aged care, and rural and remote locations) are grappling with workforce shortages, which can make job hunting smoother.

While a stable salary and security are crucial, Australian nursing job also presents an opportunity to profoundly impact people's lives, a driving force for many nursing students and graduates.

What are my next steps to get an Australian job in nursing?

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