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Looking for part time work in Australia? The flexible schedule and extra cash can be great. But actually finding quality part time jobs can be tough at times. Based on my experience working for a company based in Melbourne and operating across Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, all the major hubs, I wanted to share some insights on landing awesome part time roles down under.

Part Time Taxes in Australia

If you drive a car, (I'll tax the street), if you try to sit, (I'll tax your seat). If you get too cold, (I'll tax the heat), if you take a walk (I'll tax your feet). That’s the taxman for ya. But as much as he is nobody’s favourite bloke, don’t make an enemy of him, know your taxes.

One thing to note is that taxes apply regardless of whether you work full or part time jobs in Australia. However part time income under the tax-free threshold of $18,200 may not be taxed. Beyond that threshold, your part time role will be taxed at normal rates.

You may also be required to submit a Tax File Number (TFN) declaration form before starting. My advice is to plan for approximately 10-20% of your part time wages to go to taxes. It can vary based on total income and other factors.

Common Part Time Jobs

Retail and hospitality are big industries for part-time work in Australia. Roles like sales assistants, baristas, waiters, cashiers and customer service reps are always around and especially in the more popular big cities or tourist spots. Often you don't need prior experience.

Other popular student and parent friendly roles include tutoring, childcare, office admin, driving jobs like Uber, of course you’ve got your freelance gigs, manual labour, healthcare and more. Government and university part time jobs in Australia also exist.

Best Industries for Part Time Roles

While you can find part time opportunities in most sectors, some industries tend to offer more flexibility.

  • Retail: Shops, malls and outlets often need evening/weekend staff.

  • Hospitality: Cafes, restaurants and bars hire part timers, especially on weekends.

  • Tourism: Tour companies and attractions like guides for part time seasonal roles.

  • Delivery: UberEats, Menulog and courier jobs are commonly part time.

  • Education: Schools, tuition centres and universities seek part time teachers and admin help.

  • Healthcare: Aged care, childcare, disability support offer family-friendly part time hours.

  • Supermarkets: Major chains like Coles and Woolies need cashiers and shelf stackers daily.

Tips for Uni Student Part Time Work

We know it's tough finding that ideal part time gig amidst classes, studies and exams and finding the right employer can be challenging. Here are my tips:

  • Seek on-campus roles in admin, retail, hospitality - they understand a student schedule.

  • Tutoring in your field of study leverages your expertise and fits around classes.

  • Look for weekend/evening shifts that leave weekdays free for studying.

  • Barista, waitressing, event gigs allow picking up shifts when you have time.

  • Find classmates also seeking jobs - you can cover each other's shifts when needed!

Advice for Parents Wanting Part Time Work in Australia

Juggling parenting duties, home life and work is no easy feat. But in Australia part time roles give that flexibility many parents need. Here's what I found works:

  • School hour roles allow working while kids are in class. Teaching assistant, lunch monitor, crossing guard gigs are ideal.

  • Childcare, nannying and tutoring let you earn and care for kids simultaneously.

  • Seek family-friendly shifts - weekday mornings while kids are at school or weekends when partners can assist.
  • Remote work like virtual assistant services, freelance writing, online tutoring provides flexibility.

  • Discuss schedule needs upfront and confirm flexibility for sick days and school holidays.

Turn to WorkClass for Aussie Part Time Opportunities

If you're hunting for your next part time opportunity in Australia, I highly recommend using the WorkClass job search platform. Their site lets you filter listings and find just part time Australian job status across all industries nationwide. You can also get job alerts sent right to your inbox.

Sign up on WorkClass today and land that perfect part time job in Australia! We’re ready to crack open a mid-strength beer and fire up the barbie to celebrate!

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