Part-Time Jobs in Singapore: Your Path to Flexible Work Opportunities

How to Find Part-Time Jobs in Singapore

Its’s hard to know where to start sometimes when you're looking for part-time employment in Singapore. Can you can start right away? Do you need to consider visas or get help with this with from your future job in Singapore? How to find the best sites with easiest process to apply? We’ve created this guide to help you cut straight to the chase and find the right work opportunities for you. Whether you're a local student, looking for a new part time job in Singapore, a foreigner in need of a visa, we've got you covered. Let's dive in!

Part-Time Jobs for Locals in Singapore

For local students and individuals seeking part-time work, Singapore is a beating heart of a city, alive with so many vibrant industries and so offers a wide range of options. The best option right off the bat, the industry that consistently requires part-time staff with quick onboarding is hospitality. Most part time jobs in Singapore in the hotels, restaurants, and event venues often have an urgent need for additional help, making it the best starting point if you're looking to get working immediately.

Although they can be more stable, or better paid, keep in mind that office or desk jobs may require some HR processing time. There is often fewer applications for these jobs in Singapore, part time especially, so you have an advantage here if you can be more patient.

As a wild card option, if you're looking for more balance and flexibility rather than just money, consider working in “self motivated, quick start” style work such as a delivery agent. As an example of how to quickly earn with little money down, you can earn between $5 and $9 per delivery, and the best part is that you can utilize public transportation to get around Singapore for your deliveries.

Part-Time Jobs for Foreigners in Singapore

Foreigners in Singapore, part time jobs or full time, need to have the appropriate visa. This is essential and can often be daunting. For the latest info, make sure to check out the official Government guidelines and be wary of any company that asks for money up front to “guarantee” a visa. This is a common thing in Asia and it’s always best to go direct to find the nearest Singaporean embassy or the Govt site.

Certain positions, such as nursing or engineering, may require specific qualifications but there is always a great demand for these type of workers that benefit Singapore as a society.

Freelance work is also a popular option for foreigners, with self-start opportunities in marketing, content creation, IT services, design, and accounting always in high demand for work in Singapore.

Additionally, non-qualified workers can find part-time jobs in areas like manual labor, supermarket work, and the bar and restaurant industry. These roles are more accessible and can provide valuable work experience, to get you in the door. Bear in mind some of these roles will require extra language skills. You can usually find free courses on Udemy or get practicing on Duolingo free.

Workclass is geared specifically for full time careers and part time jobs in Singapore specifically, Workclass is a reliable job search platform. Select Singapore as your desired destination, and use keywords like "admin" or "marketing" to find relevant part-time job listings. and Indeed are popular job search websites offer a wide range of opportunities, including part-time positions, add Singapore to the location as well as filters by industry or keywords to pick out your skills.

Social Media and Communities are a great resource for lifestyle in Singapore, part time job oppertunities, a new sofa for your apartment, you name it! Platforms like Facebook with have groups you can search for, Reddit have job-focused groups and subreddit communities where you can find useful info. LinkedIn also has a great option for searching jobs and you can quickly connect with your soon-to-be colleagues too.

Quora is the place to ask questions related to part-time jobs in Singapore and gather insights from the community of super helpful people who have been in your position before and have all the answers.


Finding part-time jobs in Singapore can be as great starting point to open doors for you or to get immersed in the lively and friendly lifestyle Singapore is famous for. Whether you're a local student searching for immediate employment or a foreigner seeking visa-appropriate roles, this guide has a bunch of insights and resources to kickstart your job search. Remember, Workclass is your go-to platform for discovering part-time job opportunities in Singapore. Begin your journey today and find your ideal gig on Workclass!

So, don't wait any longer! Start exploring the vast array of part-time job opportunities in Singapore, and enjoy the modern Singaporean lifestyle of flexibility and balance. Good luck in your job search, and may you find the perfect part-time role that makes you and this beautiful city exist together and get better and better.

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