Ready for a Change of Career in Indonesia? It’s Easy with Workclass

You caught in a trap? Maybe you can’t walk out. But it’s probably not because you love it too much, baby. Can you tell I’ve listen to Elvis recently? Don’t judge. If you get the vibe of being stuck in your job in Indonesia, dreaming of something better, you're not alone. Here’s a few trends have made many folks want a career change:

WFH- Remote Work

Who knew that working from a computer meant you had to get dressed? Well the rise remote policies during the pandemic, showed you can wear formal attire on your upper half and manage Zoom meetings just fine. Plus who wants to commute when you could work from a coffee shop in Jakarta or a cosy home in Bandung?


Tech coming in doesn’t mean we’ll all be sitting around on Universal Basic Income watching Mr Beast videos all day, some people saw the signs and took opportunities to upskill and transition to in-demand industries like healthcare and tech.

Job loss

In case you needed a reminder that companies are businesses and not charities, the countless stories of widespread job losses during the pandemic are a solid reminder. I was actually on a Zoom call where 120 people were fired immediately, with no Q&A session afterwards, lol. Turned out to be a blessing in disguise and I expected it, but jeez it was heartless. Anyway, this kind of treatment is prompting people to find new careers.

This is what you’re here for right? Here's your 6 part guide:

  • #1 Be real - What makes you miserable in your current role - lack of growth? Bad boss? Identify the pain points.
  • #2 Visualise - What does  ‘better’ look like? What does ‘perfect’ look like? Consider job security, salary, work-life balance. Find a good match for happiness.
  • #3 Fill the gap - Some places need workers urgently. Look up the latest salaries for UPS drivers in the USA if you need inspiration, they now earn 6 FIGURES! No lie, Google it (written early Aug 2023). Amazon seasonal work is another good example. Get trained quickly in skilled trades or areas like e-commerce for the chance to mop up the good pay and capitalise on the demand.
  • #4 New skills - Do your research on the kind of training needed for your desired field. Take online free stuff from LinkedIn or Udemy, invest in actual classes, certifications and apprenticeships to build expertise.
  • #5 Action! - Start small, but definitely start - a little thing like updating your resume. Search what other companies are paying for the job you currently do. Connect some recruiters on LinkedIn, momentum builds.
  • #6. Patience, grasshopper - Finding the “perfect” fit takes time, and thats OK. Balance your eagerness with smart pacing and don’t be put off, companies may not reply or may take a long time, but there’s no shortage of options.

Changing careers in Indonesia means excitement, adventure. Understand your motivations, expand your network, research your options, get new expertise, take decisive action, update application materials, get on Workclass, adopt a llama! Okay, maybe not the last one, I might have got carried away. But seriously, do join Workclass, you can find your ideal career match today!

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