Simple to Use - Ireland Cover Letter Template

Searching for your perfect role in the Emerald Isle, but struggling to stand out? An engaging cover letter made to order for each post can make all the difference in this dog-eat-dog employment world. In this guide, we’ll offer a cover letter template for Ireland to grab recruiters' attention and improve your chances of securing your ideal job.

A Sense of the Market

First, the encouraging Irish employment context. The unemployment rate was just 4.3% in June 2022, a big drop from the 15% during the 2008 financial crisis. Key areas like healthcare, finance, tech, pharmaceuticals, farming and travel have led the charge. Multinationals like Google, Facebook and Apple are major employers with offices in Ireland too, stimulating growth.

Ireland saw record annual job creation in 2021, with over 117,000 new openings nationwide. This was principally driven by burgeoning technology and life sciences. As firms continue investing in the country, demand for talented individuals remains high.

Now, the crucial cover letter element. Combining a few different surveys we’ve seen, the average is around 90% of employers see the cover letter as addition vital  for applicants. Therefore, omitting a strong, customised cover letter could lose you the chance to demonstrate your abilities and character.

It's worrying that 68% of candidates admit to reusing old cover letters rather than tailoring them for each application. One size does not fit all in cover letters. Each vacancy is unique, so your cover letter should convey real interest in that particular job and employer.

So here’s your Ireland cover letter draft to work from:

“Dear Mr. Weeksmith,

I’m writing to apply for the role as a Sales Executive at ABC Company, I believe I have the experience and drive to take on this position and help you to improve conversion and revenue.

In my current position as Regional Sales Manager at XYZ Corp, I've developed strategies which have increased regional sales 22% and beat target by over $1 million. I’ve also developed my skills in mentoring and motivating sales reps to help confidence within the team which has had compounding results.

Beyond the numbers, I'm drawn to this opportunity because I admire ABC Company's reputation, specifically the commitment to quality and customer satisfaction aligns perfectly with my values. I feel confident that my background makes me a great match to join your team.

Attached is my CV and application, please feel free to reach out to me to discuss any elements of this you would like clarity on. Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.


Mr J.O.B Applicant”

Here’s What They Want

When writing your cover letter for Ireland jobs, consider what recruiters want most. 91% seek the requisite skills, accomplishments and qualifications aligned to the job description, so demonstrating you have these is key.

Moreover, 62% of employers highlighted excellent writing skills. Showcase your ability to communicate effectively and compellingly in your cover letter.

Equally, 49% are drawn to enthusiasm and genuine interest in the role. Evidence your passion for the post and company, proving you understand their objectives.

Finally, around a third mentioned a good mix of background and position in Ireland with cover letters. Focus on relevant experience and how your distinct skills make you the perfect fit.

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