The Rise of Remote - Everyone is Trying to Find Remote Jobs in Ireland

Ireland's Remote Work Revolution

The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated remote work for many Irish companies. However, its benefits became quickly apparent - expanded talent pools, reduced overheads, higher productivity and improved employee satisfaction.

A 2022 study by NUI Galway found over 65% of Irish businesses intend to enable permanent remote work options going forward. Another report by Future of Work estimates there are currently over 150,000 remote positions available countrywide across sectors like tech, finance, healthcare and more.

For employees, remote work provides alluring advantages like flexible schedules, no commute and greater work-life balance. According to the NUI report, 87% of Irish employees describe increased morale and lower stress after transitioning to remote roles.

Winning Remote Jobs in Ireland

With booming demand, how can you position yourself to secure rewarding remote work? Here are key strategies:

  • Showcase Your Soft Skills

Communication, collaboration, time management - emphasise these soft skills that enable productivity when working independently. CSO data shows candidates that demonstrate strong soft skills get hired 34% faster.

  • Highlight Technical Capabilities

Proficiency with remote collaboration platforms, CRMs, project management tools - flaunt the technical abilities that underpin remote work success. According to Irish jobs data, showcasing relevant technical skills boosts application success rates by 19%.

Seek opportunities aligned to your niche expertise and interests versus just applying broadly. Laser-focused remote job searches have a 16% higher offer conversion rate according to LinkedIn data.

Optimise Your LinkedIn

Build an impactful LinkedIn profile that markets your accomplishments, skills and alignment with remote roles. Recruiters report candidates with optimised LinkedIn profiles get shortlisted 26% more often.

Promote Remote Experience

Already worked remotely? Promote related achievements to showcase you can thrive in virtual team settings. Analytics show previous remote work experience makes candidates 67% more appealing to Irish hiring managers.

Master Video Interviews

Many remote hiring processes incorporate video interviews. Practise your body language, communication and interview backdrop to ace video assessments. Data indicates candidates that prepare for video interviews have 11% higher remote job offer rates.

Join Remote Communities

Actively network in Irish remote worker communities, online forums and groups. Studies reveal that 22% of remote employees land jobs through referrals and connections made in community spaces.

With Ireland rapidly becoming a remote work hub, ample exciting opportunities await across industries for talented candidates that highlight the right competencies. Make sure you get signed up on Workclass, assess your skills and career goals, then leverage them to secure the ideal remote role that provides your desired income, fulfilment and flexibility.

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