Using Indeed Singapore: A Simple Guide to Find Jobs Fast

If you’re wondering how best to find work, you’re not alone. There’s literally thousands of sites out there, millions of recruiters, companies, fairs, events, you name it. But one of the stample sites everyone needs to be using is Indeed in Singapore. In this guide, we'll explore how to maximise the popular job site and make Indeed Singapore work for you.

Step 1, get set up.

A couple of clicks and boom, that’s it. You’ve got a free account on Indeed Singapore. This menas right away you can look through and save job listings. Once you find an interesting opening, click "save" to add it to your My Jobs page for easy access later.

You can also upload your resume, this makes it visible to the thousands of employers that search the site for candidates. Remember, you can make it visible which means when recruiters search, they can find you, based on your keywords. To apply quickly, use Indeed Singapore's Instant Apply feature.

Step 2, begin searching.

With your account set up, it's time to dive into your search. Use Indeed's advanced filters to narrow down options - you can cut down and hone in on things by job title, location, salary range, job type, experience level and other keywords important to you. This means no more wasting time looking at a hundred jobs to apply for two, get to see only what you actually want.

For example, if you’re a budding software engineer and don’t fancy going into bartending, make sure you stay on task and search "software engineer Singapore" then filter by "full-time" and "entry-level" if that's your focus. You can even filter by specific neighbourhoods and districts if aiming for a short commute.

Once you get your first results rolling off the press, look on the left sidebar for additional filters to refine still further. You can go as far as options like company, salary estimate, and date posted can really nail down those best fits.

Don't forget to set up email alerts on Indeed Singapore too. You can get daily or weekly notifications (so you choose how often you get spammed) about new openings matching your perfect role. If you’re wanting to keep your own inbox clear, make a new email address just for your job sites, this keeps things nice and tidy and ensures you see the most relevant new jobs first before the competition.

Spend time checking out the potential employers too, the company pages include reviews, interview insights, photos, and average salaries. This intel can help you work out if an organisation is a good fit.

Tips and Tricks

If you want to see their own full in depth guide to exploring the site, check it out here:

Bonus: When preparing for interviews, check out typical pay rates on Indeed Singapore's salary tool. Enter a job title and see the average base pay and range reported by employees across Singapore. This gives you an idea of fair salary so you can see if you’re being lowballed or you know how to negotiate it up, based on the market.

As well as using aggregators like Indeed Singapore, you can use other’s like Workclass for a broad range of options, and also visit company career sites directly. No matter where you search, using a bunch of different sources gives you the best range of options. Here are some more tips for success:

  • Add keywords like "remote" or "temp" if those factors are important.
  • Check Indeed Singapore daily to catch newly listed jobs first.
  • Turn on the "Easy Apply" for one-click applications.
  • Follow up applications with a message to show your enthusiasm.
  • Explore the niche local job boards for specific industries, cities or neighbourhoods.

The job hunt can be tough, but tools like Indeed Singapore give you access to thousands of possibilities. At Workclass we recommend you define your priorities, research wisely, and use the pro tips we just discussed, it will really help you find that next opportunity in Singapore or beyond!

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