Work from Home in Australia: Roles, Salaries and Opportunities

The emergence of remote working in Australia

As much as it has also been part of the global movement to WFH and remote, has no doubt opened doors for a wide array of professions in the land down under. No longer chained to their desks in the old fashioned high rise, glass monstrosities of office spaces, many Aussies are embracing the freedom of working from home, or the beach, or the pub, or wherever the hell they want actually. You’re probably wondering what kind of roles are available and probably more importantly, what can you expect to earn? We’re covering as much as we can of the world of work from home in Australia.

On average, a work-from-home professional in Australia earns $79,333 annually or $40.68 per hour, which is pretty decent. Although you should bear in mind this is Aussie dollars, not US. You can do your own conversions if you’re reading from elsewhere in the world. Entry-level roles start at around  $58,500, while experienced workers can go all the way up to commanding in the region of $140,000.

Here’s a run down of some more common work-from-home roles and their salaries:

Digital Marketing Manager: With a median salary of $95k, this role is all about the strategizing and implementing online marketing campaigns. It’s a prime job to be working from home or travelling, as long as the job gets done well, it may ever work better when you’re in the mix with a rotation of new people mixing up ideas.

Remote CS Rep: Earning in the region around $65,000, this position caters to customer needs via calls or chats - so provided you’ve a solid internet connection and quiet background, it's a job you can do in your trackies!

Virtual Assistant: This is a pretty steady growing field which you can get into at the lower end quite easily with some solid admin skills and MS Office knowledge as well as a good manner, and timekeeping/organisation of course. With a median salary of $60,000, virtual assistants handle administrative tasks from the comfort of home.

Telehealth Nurse: A career that’s as rewarding as it is flexible, especially if you’ve been in the health industry and want a little step away from the face to face side of things. Qualified telehealth nurses can earn upwards of $85,000, providing care and support through virtual channels. Options are even available for non-healthcare trained folks, in a more general “advisory” setting.

Freelance Writer or Content Creator: If you've got a way with words, this flexible and more creative role could see you earning anywhere from $55,000 to $100,000, depending on the market you get into and your experience and client base.

Online Tutor or Educator: The last couple of years have brought around the vibe of online learning, and forced plenty of folks into adapting - with this in mind, people that can combine working remotely with being skilled educators can make around $70,000, offering virtual tutoring or teaching services.

Remote IT Specialist: If you’re an IT dude, you may be used to being in your office alone, dealing with the digital inadequacies of the whole staff, in fixing the most trivial issues (have you tried restarting?). So what difference does it make being in your office, saving the world compared to being in your spare room saving it? In today's tech-driven world, IT specialists can earn a median salary of $90,000, ensuring systems run smoothly from a remote location - the more vital the system, the higher the salary.

Tax Implications and Hourly Earnings

With an average annual salary of $79,333 for remote workers, what would the take-home pay be after taxes? Obviously it varies depending on individual circumstances etc but let's take that as an example:

Hourly, $79,333 translates to about $40.68. That's not too shabby for a day's work in your home office!

Whether you're tech-savvy, people focussed, or creative type - there's a remote working opportunity for you in Australia. So come on over to Workclass, sign up and embrace the Aussie spirit of giving things a crack and explore the world of working from home. After all, there's nothing like earning a fair dinkum income from the comfort of your own space.

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