Your Dream Job is Waiting in Indonesia on Indeed

Unlocking the Power of Indeed Indonesia

Indeed has won the hearts of millions of job seekers in Indonesia, connecting them with the best opportunities available. With a staggering 250 million active monthly users worldwide, Indeed is a treasure trove of job possibilities for Indonesian professionals like you.

Crafting Your Perfect Profile

Boost your chances of getting noticed by keeping your Indeed profile up-to-date. A whopping 76% of users in Indonesia update their profiles regularly. Leverage keywords that match your desired roles to make employers find you effortlessly. And don't forget to enable those nifty email job alerts to stay on top of the latest openings!

Master the art of refining your job search with Indeed's advanced filters. Tailor your search with specific location, job type, or even company name. Use relevant keywords to discover opportunities that align with your skills and interests. For a more targeted search, try using Boolean operators like AND, OR, and NOT.

Insights into Indonesia's Job Market

Stay ahead of the game by knowing the latest job market insights in Indonesia. According to Indeed reports, the fastest-growing sectors in 2022 are Manufacturing, IT and Tech, Retail, Healthcare, and Tourism. Indonesians on Indeed find that’s where the best jobs are. Keep an eye on the highest average salary fields, including Management, IT, Law, and Finance, to make informed career decisions.

Building Your Personal Brand

Make your Indeed profile shine like a star! A complete and professional profile increases your chances of standing out from the competition. Showcase your talent by publishing work samples, projects, or achievements. Earn credibility with recommendations from your previous colleagues.

Keeping Your Resume Sharp

Don't let your resume gather dust! Updating your resume at least once a year is the way to go, as 52% of Indonesian job seekers do. Customise your resume for each application, emphasising relevant skills. Seek feedback from connections and mentors to further polish your resume.

Levelling Up Your Skills

Never stop learning and growing! In Indonesia Indeed offers skill-building courses in analytics, software, and management. Add new certifications to your LinkedIn and resume to boost your qualifications. Enhance your English skills with online courses from Indeed Academy to unlock more opportunities.

Expanding Your Network

Connect, connect, connect! Join Indeed's professional communities to meet like-minded talent and potential employers in your industry. Follow your dream companies and keep track of their career updates. Personalise your outreach to build relationships with key recruiters and decision-makers. Don't hesitate to inquire about unposted opportunities at their companies.

Mastering the Job Application Process

Simplify your job application process by applying directly through your Indonesian Indeed account. Stand out by including cover letters that express your interest and suitability for the role and company. Keep tabs on your application progress and follow up on those that haven't received responses. Let Indeed know when you've accepted an offer so they can withdraw other opportunities from your search.

With Indeed's powerful search capabilities and your newfound strategies, you're ready to embark on your dream job search in Indonesia! Don’t forget to utilise Workclass as well. Often you’ll find jobs that are on one site but not the other so it pays to use both. Between the two sources you’ll find a huge number of jobs to go at and you can start exploring thousands of openings on Indeed in Indonesia today!

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