Your Job Search and Networking in Australia

On the hunt for a new job in Australia? Online job boards are solid, trust us (we are one), but what nobody is telling you is that networking really has all the hidden opportunities. If you want to learn to network down under, we got you.

Getting the secret edge to landing that dream job in Australia often comes down to who you know. Networking gets you into the hidden job market, connecting you to vacancies that don't get publicly advertised.

But what does strategic networking actually involve? Here’s some actionable tips to build your network and leverage your contacts during an Australian job search:

Have clear goals:

Before diving into networking, get clear on your job search objectives. What types of roles or companies are you targeting? What skills do you want to utilise? Knowing where you want to end up, you can add the kind of people that get you there, rather than a bunch of connections with no result.

Who do you already know?

Don't underestimate the power of your current network. Consider which contacts could assist your job search, whether they work in your industry or not. Friends, family, neighbours, former colleagues, and university alumni can all provide valuable connections.

It pays to get to meet ups for LinkedIn groups etc, expats, public speaking, business seminars. There are all kinds of random places you can meet useful people for your network.

Get to all the key events.

Industry associations and professional bodies frequently host networking events, which are prime opportunities for making job search connections. It doesn’t have to cost you a lot or put you out in terms of travel time either, you can attend virtual or in-person events in your field to build relationships with relevant professionals.

Make sure your online presence is on point.

In the digital age, contacts will likely look you up online.Get your LinkedIn profile and other socials giving off a professional image lined up with your goals.

Quick tip: make sure your socials are “clean”. In the sense that there’s nothing that would get you into trouble legally or give employers reason to turn you down - so for example if you made a joke in bad taste a couple years ago in college, sharing something with potentially racist language, or some photo of you and friends with some potentially illegal substances in the frame - you should be aware, some employers will go back and check this kinda stuff.

Give value first:

Successful networking is a two-way street. Look for opportunities to help your contacts by sharing ideas, resources and making introductions. Nurture mutually beneficial relationships.

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