Part-Time Jobs Near Me: Top 27 UK Flexi-Work Opportunities


What's cooking, my diligent job hunters? If you've been hustling hard, running that Google search for "part-time jobs near me" till your fingers are numb, you're not alone. And if your search radius includes the vibrant heart of the UK, then let me tell you, the grass is pretty green on this side. Been there, done that. Now I'm here, sharing the good stuff, the insider secrets, the Top 10 UK flexi-work opportunities for "part-time jobs near me". It's time to win the game, and the rules? They're simpler than you think.

According to Office for National Statistics, 27% of UK workers are part-timers as of 2023. So, my friend, you're certainly not alone in your quest. Studies by ManpowerGroup also show an increasing demand for flexi-work opportunities. Moreover, FlexJobs statistics indicate that flexible working conditions lead to increased productivity. Let's dig deeper and uncover these golden job opportunities.

1. Retail Assistant

Strolled through the high street? Those trendy windows of Marks & Spencer and John Lewis often hold more than just a style update - they've got part-time roles on offer!

Companies Hiring: Marks & Spencer, John Lewis

Expected Salary: £8-£10 per hour

2. Barista

Caffeine aficionados, it's time to perk up. "Part time jobs near me" at cafes like Costa Coffee and Starbucks are abundant.

Companies Hiring: Costa Coffee, Starbucks

Expected Salary: £8-£9 per hour

3. Delivery Driver

In an era where everything's an app away, part-time delivery driver roles through platforms like Deliveroo and Uber Eats are just a tap away.

Companies Hiring: Deliveroo, Uber Eats

Expected Salary: £10-£15 per hour

4. Tutor

For the ones who can turn complex into simple, tutoring positions could be the ideal "part time jobs near me".

Companies Hiring: Explore Learning, Tutorful

Expected Salary: £15-£30 per hour

5. Care Worker

Compassionate souls, here's your call. Care worker roles at establishments like Bupa offer enriching "part time jobs near me."

Companies Hiring: Bupa, Care UK

Expected Salary: £9-£11 per hour

6. Waitstaff

If you find rhythm in the buzz of the hospitality sector, restaurants like Wagamama and Nando's could use your skills part-time.

Companies Hiring: Wagamama, Nando's

Expected Salary: £8-£10 per hour plus tips

7. Receptionist

If you're all about making first impressions count, receptionist positions at venues like Regus and Marriott Hotels might be your "part time jobs near me" answer.

Companies Hiring: Regus, Marriott Hotels

Expected Salary: £9-£11 per hour

8. Fitness Instructor

Gym enthusiasts, here's your chance to convert passion into a paycheck. Gyms like PureGym and Fitness First need part-time fitness instructors.

Companies Hiring: PureGym, Fitness First

Expected Salary: £15-£25 per hour

9. Library Assistant

If peace and quiet fuel your productivity, library assistant roles could be the perfect "part-time jobs near me".

Companies Hiring: City of Westminster Libraries, The British Library

Expected Salary: £9-£11 per hour

10. Event Staff

If the bustle of events excites you, companies like Compass Group and G4S often require part-time event staff, especially during the festive season.

Companies Hiring: Compass Group, G4S

Expected Salary: £8-£10 per hour

11. Freelance Writer

Have a way with words? Companies and publications are always looking for talented freelance writers.

Companies Hiring: HuffPost UK, The Guardian

Expected Salary: £15-£50 per article

12. Graphic Designer

If you have a knack for creating engaging visuals, consider part-time roles as a graphic designer.

Companies Hiring: WPP, Ogilvy

Expected Salary: £15-£25 per hour

13. Pet Sitter

Animal lovers, here's your calling. Part-time pet sitting roles are more popular than ever.

Companies Hiring: Rover, Tailster

Expected Salary: £10-£15 per hour

14. Personal Trainer

If you love fitness and helping others reach their goals, consider a part-time job as a personal trainer.

Companies Hiring: David Lloyd Clubs, Nuffield Health

Expected Salary: £20-£40 per hour

15. Telemarketer

Got a knack for persuasion? Telemarketing can be a rewarding part-time role.

Companies Hiring: Virgin Media, BT

Expected Salary: £9-£12 per hour

16. Virtual Assistant

Stay organised while helping others with their administrative tasks in this remote role.

Companies Hiring: Zirtual, Time Etc

Expected Salary: £10-£15 per hour

17. Social Media Manager

Spend your free time on Instagram or Twitter? Why not get paid for it as a part-time social media manager.

Companies Hiring: Asos, Boohoo

Expected Salary: £15-£20 per hour

18. Customer Service Representative

Enjoy helping others and solving problems? Consider a part-time job in customer service.

Companies Hiring: HSBC, Vodafone

Expected Salary: £10-£13 per hour

19. Sales Associate

If you have a flair for selling, consider part-time roles as a sales associate.

Companies Hiring: H&M, Next

Expected Salary: £8-£10 per hour

20. Call Centre Agent

Excellent communication skills can land you a part-time role in a call centre.

Companies Hiring: Sky, TalkTalk

Expected Salary: £9-£12 per hour

21. Lifeguard

Certified in lifesaving? Part-time lifeguard roles can be found across the UK.

Companies Hiring: Better, Fusion Lifestyle

Expected Salary: £9-£12 per hour

22. Music Teacher

If you're a skilled musician, consider sharing your passion as a part-time music teacher.

Companies Hiring: Yamaha Music Schools, Rockschool

Expected Salary: £20-£40 per hour

23. Research Assistant

For those who enjoy delving into data, consider a part-time research assistant role.

Companies Hiring: Imperial College London, University of Oxford

Expected Salary: £15-£20 per hour

24. Babysitter

Love spending time with kids? Babysitting can be a fulfilling part-time job.

Companies Hiring: Bubble, Koru Kids

Expected Salary: £9-£12 per hour

25. Data Entry Clerk

If you have a keen eye for detail and fast typing skills, consider part-time data entry roles.

Companies Hiring: Capita, Reed

Expected Salary: £9-£11 per hour

26. Gardener

If you have a green thumb, consider a part-time role as a gardener.

Companies Hiring: Mitie, Glendale Services

Expected Salary: £10-£15 per hour

27. Beauty Therapist

Have a knack for making people look and feel their best? Consider part-time roles as a beauty therapist.

Companies Hiring: The Body Shop, Lush

Expected Salary: £10-£15 per hour


Just Before You Bounce There you have it, folks - my personal toolkit for your "part time jobs near me" quest in the UK. The job market is a puzzle, but with the right strategies, you can solve it. Keep the grind going and make it count.

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