Employer Guide: 5 Tips to Make Your Job Post More Attractive

Tip 1. Use accurate information on the job title

Choose a title that closely reflects the job duties.



Tip 2. Describe specific responsibilities and requirements

Provide clear duties along with the position's requirements.
A good way is to layout the specific responsibilities and requirements in a bullet list.



Tip 3. Select the Employment Type

It is a requirement by the Singapore Employment Law to clarify the type of employment of the job post.

On the job post page, select the Employment Type dropdown menu and select Singaporeans/PR or All.

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 This will help you streamline your recruitment processes by collecting more relevant candidates to the job post.

Tip 4. Mark your salary range

This is the first thing that a jobseeker will be looking out for. Specify accurately on the salary range – yearly, monthly, daily or hourly. Jobs with a salary significantly below market rate will get fewer applicants.

 Tip 5. Describe the location and working hours

A jobseeker will always be keen to apply a position if the job's location is in their area. By clearly indicating the location and working hours, it will drive more relevant jobseekers to the job post.

If the location is an easy commute – state nearby public transportation options:


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How do I get my job featured?

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