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How To Decline Job Offer After Signing Contract?

Posted on: 2021-11-10

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Getting a job isn’t easy but believe it or not you may cancel a job offer after you sign the contract at some point in your life. Sometimes the excitement of getting a job offer results in overlooking factors that would make you not want it anymore. Have you ever accepted a job offer but then changed your mind? Perhaps you get another job offer if this is the case, you’re so lucky! But what if you found out the job isn’t a great fit for you or the company isn’t the workplace you’ve been looking for? Unfortunately you have to decline the job offer even after you accept it. Definitely you don’t want to ruin chances in the future and be considered as not professional.

  • Read your contract
  • Most employment contracts have no specific clause for canceling an offer but read it carefully if such clause is written so you know how to act. Make sure there will be no legal repercussions to rejecting the job.

  • Do it quickly
  • Let the company know immediately if you change your mind after accepting the job offer. That way they can find your replacement and it wouldn’t interfere with their starting date for the available position you were offered for.

  • Show your appreciation and gratitude
  • Thank the recruiter, it shows that you appreciate the job offer and are glad to be hired by them even though you can’t work for them. Let them know that you enjoy meeting them during the interview and that you are impressed with the company. Also apologize for declining the offer and changing decision.

  • Be honest and tactful
  • Let the employer know why you change your mind, but without insulting the hiring manager or the company. If you realize that you won’t get along with the other employees, tell them that you think you wouldn’t fit in with the company culture.

  • Call them
  • Speaking with the employers directly is the best way because it allows you to explain yourself more clearly and increases your chances of maintaining a positive relationship with them. If not possible then email will do just fine.

Dear (employer name),

Thank you so much for the job offer for (job position) at (company). I truly appreciate and am glad for this opportunity. I was impressed with (company). It was a great pleasure to meet and talk to you.

Unfortunately after careful consideration, I have decided to decline the job offer from you. I have recently decided to accept another position that I believe is a better fit for my abilities and skill set. I am so sorry for any inconvenience my decision may cause.

I wish you the best and success to the (company).

Best regards,
(your name)

Make sure you don't violate any rules, so read your employment contract thoroughly before you decide to decline the job. Pondering of why you should decline this job offer is very recommended. Make sure your decision is firm. Next, call the recruiter or hiring manager about your decision, better than sending an email. Tell them how you are sorry about the decision to reject the job offer and say thank you for the given opportunity to work with them. They picked you to fill in the position and spent time interviewing you, you should express gratitude.

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