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How To Reschedule a Job Interview?

Posted on: 2021-12-08

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After a long wait to get a response from the jobs you have applied for, you finally got the job invitation email and could not wait to ace the interview. You confirm that job interview email right away but unexpectedly, a few days before the interview you get sick or have urgent matters so you have to cancel the interview and ask for a reschedule. Now you’re worried you might lose the opportunity. Don't worry about it! Things happen and the best thing you should do is to apologize to the interviewer/recruiter first then ask for an interview reschedule.

  • Let the interviewer know early
  • You need to tell the interviewer or recruiter as early as possible. The worst thing you can do is to let the interviewer know a few hours before the interview starts unless you’re stuck in a storm or in a car accident. Let the interviewer/recruiter know that you can’t attend the interview at least 3 days before the interview date.

  • Offer your apology
  • Recruiters or hiring managers spend their time to screen candidates’ resumes and email them one by one to invite for the interview. So apologize for cancelling the interview and asking for a reschedule because they have to spare their time and adjust their schedule too. Show that you’re truly sorry for cancelling the interview.

  • Show your enthusiasm
  • Other than saying sorry for cancelling and rescheduling, you need to show that you’re really excited about the job interview. That way recruiters or hiring managers would not think you don’t care much about the job.

  • Say thank you
  • Even though you want to cancel and reschedule a job interview you still have to thank them for inviting you to a job interview. It shows that you appreciate them and the opportunity.

  • Suggest an alternative time
  • After thanking them and apologizing for the inconvenience, tell the recruiters or hiring managers when you will be available for the interview. Therefore they can find time in their schedule and fit you into it.

Dear (recruiter’s name),

Thank you so much for inviting me to the job interview. I apologize that I have to cancel the interview due to (your reason) and can’t attend the interview. Is it possible to reschedule the interview? I would like to reschedule for the interview and I will be available on (date and time). I’m happy to discuss other dates and times that would be convenient for you.

Please let me know and thank you for your consideration. I’m very interested in this opportunity and look forward to speaking with you.

(your name)

Sometimes unexpected things happen and you have to reschedule a job interview. We all understand that cancelling and rescheduling might affect our chance of getting the job, but recruiters or hiring managers are human too. They will understand if your reasons to reschedule a job interview are urgent matters such as you’re sick, injured from an accident or family emergency. Also the best way, if possible, is to call the recruiters or hiring managers when you want to cancel and reschedule.

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