It all started back in 2016 when our leader decided to leave her comfortable and fun working environment selling coffee and decided to have a change in industry not knowing what exactly she get herself into. Once home, all she could remember was how spacious the co-working hub were, the bright smiles shining from each corner of the room and the energy that rubbed onto her made her more curious to come back the next day because honestly, there was only one thing on her mind, “This is not normal!” 

Fast forward to 2020, she is proud to see the massive consistent evolution on each individual’s growth and development into elites and leaders of tomorrow while still connecting together as one.
Working with people is not easy, one can be too dominant and the other can be too sensitive. That is the beauty of our culture, regardless of who you are and your background we want you to be able to see progress in yourself and one day be an inspiration to others. Despite the different preferences, we believe in building this business to the next level and we want people from different experiences like you who is willing to bring success to a whole new level through ONE common goal, Strive for Excellence.


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