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Frontline hiring is tough and finding the right candidate is rare. We bring you qualified candidates within 24 hours.

  • WorkClass candidates complete an in-depth screening and we help you focus on the best applicants first.
  • Stop wasting time by posting your jobs on 5 different platforms and checking for new candidates every minute. Manage all your jobs on WorkClass.
  • Upload and efficiently search through your existing resumes. Filter them by work experience, zip code, etc.
Get Enough Candidates.

Serious Candidates Only

We highlight and piroritize the good candidates

Candidates do not show up because they are not seriously interested or the location is too far. We highlight candidates with relevant previous experience who live close to the job. Unserious applications are automatically disqualified.

We highlight and piroritize the good candidates

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Hire without the struggle

We get it, candidates apply, but do not pick up the phone. WorkClass calls candidates for you. We indicate jobseekers that answers their phone and we let you know what they said

Efficently contact candidates via phone, WhatsApp and Telegram.

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Get response in the same messenger and invite them for an interview!

Hire without the struggle

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