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Senior Condominium Manager


$5000 to $5500 (monthly)

General Summary of Responsibilities


·      Fully responsible for the day to day operation of the assigned condominium

·      Supervise and coordinate all maintenance and site staff / contractors assigned to the condominium.

·      Carry out all maintenance functions to the highest standard expected for the client and the subsidiary proprietors.

·      Handles renewal of term contracts and up-keeping of contractual records.

·      Ensure compliance with Government / HQ policies & ISO Procedures.


Specific Job Requirements




·      Ensure effective management of the recreation facilities, common areas including car parks, landscape areas and all M&E plants, fixtures and fittings.

·      Implement effective preventive maintenance programs for common properties and facilities to avoid large expensive repairs.

·      Ensure high level of security, cleanliness and housekeeping.

·      Oversee the administration maintenance contracts.




·      Ensure all insurance policies are renewed on time.

·      File insurance claims for any damages to common property.

·      Review property for insurance purpose and recommend sum insured for the various policies


Contractor / Procurement Management


·      Ensure compliance with divisional policies

·      Allow Competitive tendering to ensure purchases and service contracts are on competitive terms.

·      Ensure compliance with warranties, guaranties and defect liabilities.

·      Ensure proper co-ordination/management of renovation works.

·      Ensure all purchase/ works orders issued are in order and within the budget allocated.

·      Ensure effective control over all licensed contractors appointed to service the estate.

·      Ensure that all orders and instructions issued by the Council either verbally or in writing are carried out promptly and efficiently.

·      On site co-ordination of all plant and equipment maintenance by contractors

·      Prepare all tender documents, agreements, contracts and other legal documents.

·      Review all contracts, agreements and insurance 3 months before their expiry and recommend renewal or call for quotation/ tender.

·      Review all service providers’ performance.






Customer Service/ Public Relation

·      Establish and maintain good relationship with subsidiary proprietors and occupiers of the condominium



Complaint Management


·      Keep proper records of and attend to all complaints, queries and feedback made by the subsidiary proprietors/residents and to establish and maintain good relationship at all times.

·      Ensure all residents’ complaints are attended to promptly and efficiently.



Financial Management


·      Recommend a sound budget for each year to determine the amounts to be collected for the Maintenance Fund and Sinking Fund.

·      Covenant enforcement:

(i)             Effective Maintenance Fund collection.

(ii)            Monitor the expenditure incurred to avoid large variation from budget.

(iii)           Effective management of surplus funds through’ fixed deposits.

(iv)          Maintaining proper book- keeping and proper accounting records.

(v)            Ensuring GST returns are submitted on time.

·      Advise Council if expenditure is within the budget approved at General Meetings/Monthly financial accounts/revision monthly statement.

·      Ensure daily audit on petty cash management.



Facility Booking


·      Ensure proper and fair booking system is carried out for the use of all the recreational facilities.

·      Ensure proper records of all collection.

·      Ensure monies collected are remitted to HQ Accounts Department promptly.






·      Ensure regular meetings are convened with the client and Pro-tem Committee when it is formed and record and circulate all minutes of the meetings promptly.

·      Ensure all correspondences, statutory notifications and enquiries are promptly handled

·      Co-ordinate council meetings and general meetings.

·      Prepare Minutes of Council Meetings.

·      Attend Council Meetings and Annual General Meetings.

·      Prepare and submit all necessary documents after AGMs to Building Construction Authority (BCA) or any relevant authorities as needed

·      Vet all outgoing correspondences and minutes of meetings.





Event Management


·      Plan and organize activities and decoration during major festive seasons: Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Easter, Moon Cake Festival, National Day, Christmas.



Staff Management


·      Day to day supervision of the site management staff.

·      Lead and motivate team of staff to provide quality service.

·      Coach and guide staff in their duties.

·      Monitor attendance of staff on site.

·      Review performance of staff and counsel / discipline when required.



Emergency Response


·      Ensure that colleagues and service providers are briefed on emergency response procedures

·      In an emergency situation which occurs after office hours, ensure all concerned parties are contacted and recalled to attend and rectify/ reset the fault quickly.






Note: Some Job duties may vary depending on site requirements


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