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$1900 to $2100 (monthly)

Job Descriptions :

a. Selecting, measuring, cutting, and joining appropriate metals to specifications.

b. Preparing metals and work surfaces to ensure safe and effective assemblage.

c. Interpreting specifications and blueprints accurately.

d. Regularly cleaning and inspecting welding equipment and tools.

e.Testing the strength of each join during and after project completion.

f. Diagnosing issues and troubleshooting as required.

g. Liaising with the line manager or supervisor, reporting any issues, and making suggestions for h. improvement.d. Must be able to perform basic preventive maintenance of production     equipment.

i. Must ensure proper housekeeping and safety on production area.

j. Support other maintenance and project duties as required.

Job Requirements:

a. Technical certificate in welding.

b. Previous welding experience on TIG/MIG

c. Excellent problem solving skills

d. Needs good visual judgment to notice errors and/or defects

e. Ability to accurately read a tape measure

f. Ability to follow verbal and written instructions

g. Ability to work in a fast paced, multifunctional team oriented work environment

h. Can cooperate with the company's Cheng (R1660431)

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