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B2B Corporate Sales & Marketing

Ignite Group - Singapore

$500 to $1200 (weekly)

Join Us: 

> Corporate B2B Sales 

> Negotiating the best deals with customers 

> Handling data & computing information 

> Planning & Development of the Team


> We are looking for individuals with the blend of qualifications, experience and ability to think outside of the box.

> We place great importance on diversity in the workplace. 

> We want creative people who can value-add to the face to face industry 

> Preferably with a leadership role and flair in communication 

What’s in it for you: 

Trips - For Exposure 

Progression - For Increasing SOL 

Learning - For A Better Self 

Join us to have a glimpse of our lifestyle!

Ignite Group

We are looking for aspiring entrepreneurs to be part of our journey! To start from the ground. Work hard. Fun. Achieve.

Strive in a fast paced yet guided environment? As a sales and marketing company, we value people and people make the business. Our aim is constantly create an environment which breeds competition and performance!