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Kitchen Crew (Chinese Cuisine)

WHITE RESTAURANT - Jalan Tampang, Singapore

$1800 to $2100 (monthly)

  1. Assist Chefs in the Kitchen Operations.
  2. Prepare and determine right quantity of various ingredients for sauces.
  3. Stir-fry and cook dishes in the menu.
  4. Quality control on the presentation of dishes prepared by all chefs.
  5. Monitor the inventory level of all ingredients and notify the Chief Cutter when stock level is low.
  6. Familiarise with all sauces and cooking methods for all food items.
  7. Defrost and cut poultry, beef and other meat items.
  8. Anticipate the following day’s supplies and prepare appropriate quantity of ingredients.
  9. Maintain inventory of stainless steel cutlery used for sorting out various dishes.
  10. Responsible for chopping chillies and garnishing
  11. Receive orders issued by service staff and sort out ingredients for the dishes.
  12. Strike off items on order-chits for completed dish.
  13. To perform other duties as assigned.


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