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Charity Advocates


$2000 to $4000 (monthly)


Always wanted to give back to society but can’t seem to find the time to because of your current work or other commitments?

We are looking for Charity Advocates that will be able to leave an impact and make a difference to people’s lives!

All we’re looking for is someone with an outgoing personality, love interaction, and ultimately someone with a grateful and sincere heart.


- Advancement based on individual performance

- Travel opportunities 

- Personal development 

- Growth in terms of mindset and character 


- Creating awareness and raising funds for the charity organisation

- Face to face interaction 

- Leaving everyone 100% positive 


- Respectful 

- Enthusiastic & self-driven individuals 

- Student mentality 

- Confident and outgoing personality 

Do forward us your latest updated resume if you’re keen in the role.

100% performance based

Our admins would schedule an appointment with you.


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