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Sales agent

D11 solutions -

$1600 to $2500 (monthly)

Need a job this holidays, or looking for work after ORD? But may not have much working experience? 

Don’t worry! 

If you meet at least 2 of our criteria below, we want to know you better: 
$ Are hardworking and self-motivated 
$ Are looking for a fun environment 
$ Like meeting new customers on a day-to-day basis 
$ Have a bright smile and attitude 

Asia’s leading brand activation agency has opened its doors in to find our next generation of brand agents! 

Our slots are almost filled up, you can still send in your resume for an appointment. 

Basic training is provided, no experience is required. Position is full-time, committing for at least 2 months. Candidates with leadership experience may be considered to take on management responsibilities. 

Attractive remuneration, pay is provided weekly. 

D11 solutions

We are an upcoming start-up that aims to expand abroad in the next 2 years.

Now, we are working with big brand names in Singapore, providing impactful sales and marketing solutions for their business needs. Our team is diverse and inclusive, with chefs, architects, educators and trainers, engineers and technicians to name a few.

Come talk to us and find out more about the hype in our environment!