Housekeeping Attendant

Full Time

$1200 to $1800 (Monthly)

Posted a year ago


  • Cleaning, tidying and washing of public areas (for example, corridors, car parks, poolside, gym, walkways) and non-public areas ( such as stores, pantries, back office, roof tops etc) and not limited to trash disposal
  • 清洁,整理和清洗公共区域(例如走廊,停车场,池畔,健身房,走道)和非公共区域(如商店,茶水间,后台,屋顶等)包括垃圾处理
  • Operating cleaning related equipment/machinery
  • 操作清洁相关设备/机械
  • Rectification of Defects
  • 简单的缺陷整改或维修。

-Cleaning of Guest Rooms-- 客房清洁 –

  • Cleaning of guest rooms to the required standards set by Hotel
  • 按照酒店规定的标准清洁客房
  • Ensuring security of guests room and privacy of guests
  • 确保客房的安全和客人的隐私
  • Servicing or attending to guest’s request/s
  • 服务或照顾客人的要求

-Other Tasks--其他任务 -

  • Replenishing/distribution/delivery of goods/amenities and other hotel items within the hotel
  • 在酒店内补充/分发/交付商品/设施和其他酒店用品
  • Assist in guest services such as sending items to guests and helping guests with luggage and luggage storage.
  • 协助客人服务,如向客人发送物品,帮助客人搬运行李和行李。

-Job Requirements--工作要求 –

  • Working on Public Holidays and Weekends are expected
  • 公众假期和周末工作
  • Flexibility in work hours as required with prior notice
  • 事先通知要求的工作时间灵活性
  • Able to communicate simple and understand in simple English
  • 能够用简单的英语进行简单的沟通和理解
  • Fit for the physically demanding role
  • 适合身体要求严格的角色
  • Hardworking team player with positive personality.
  • 勤奋的团队合作伙伴,性格开朗。

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