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Sous Chef

Kilo Kitchen Pte Ltd - 97 Duxton Road, Singapore

$2800 to $3000 (monthly)

4 months ago

New menu development:

· For all new dishes, tasting must take place and collectively we decide what makes it on the menu.

· You will be required to use the team to develop so that they are educated in the R&D process while being trained.


· You will be required to be one of the people as part of the team while completing your required hours of operation, this will allow the team for you to feel part of them

· You will be required to assist with prep so as the chef you can understand the workload and think of ways to simplify the workload for your team. As well to ensure that thing is being done up to standard.

· Implement and maintain high standards of Kitchen Cleaning, Food handling, and storage procedures.

· Have fun and love what you do with the guys.

Freedom of Menu- (first 3 months)

· I have determined that the way to move the concept forward is that a percentage of the menu always stay the same across all outlets with our classics. The other percentage of the menu will belong to the chef of that region. You may develop and change the dishes in that percentage as often as you choose to keep the menu excited and the team learning.

· All dishes will have to fit within the cuisine direction of refined comfort food with Asian and Latin influences along with a rustic presentation.

· Dishes before making it on the menu must follow the steps:

o Tasting to the director

o Mutually agreed by the director and chef

o Schedule photo shoot with in-house photographer

o Coordination with management for menus to be printed

o Tasting and training with the staff

o Finally, the dish can be ready for the menu

Research and development:

· When developing new dishes, in order to keep a unified team that is constantly learning, they must be included during this process.

· the following steps should be taken before R&D

o Map out and plan what will be worked on

o If any youtube, or book research must be done that should be done by the chef and then taught to the team

o Utilize the team to document and test different format

o Encourage their ideas and opinions, allow everyone to be heard

o Have fun during the process until you are happy with the end result

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Kilo Kitchen Pte Ltd

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