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Wonder Landers

Tanjong Pagar

$500 to $1000 (weekly)

Full Time
7 months ago

WONDER LANDERS are people who we are looking for.

Looking for a fun-filled environment to cultivate yourself?

Never thought yourself as an office person, working 9-5pm everyday?

Do you believe that hard work finally pays off?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, smash that application button and we’ll talk more.

Oxie Group aims to create a fun-loving culture with our Wonder Landers. It’s similar to planting a garden. If you don’t want weeds in your garden, make sure you’re taking care of it everyday. In Oxie Group, we take out weeds and plant flowers that attracts the hardworking bees. It’s not like your other sales and marketing roles because we do more than just that.


  • Nurturing leaders
  • Taking up the role to groom the next generation
  • Uphold company’s culture and branding

At Oxie Group, our wonder landers work harder and play equally as hard. Wonder landers who arecommitted,creativeandsolution-driven are who we are looking for as well.

If you have liked what you have read thus far, and love the wonders we strike out to achieve, punch the application button and we will talk more!

Employer Logo

Oxie Group

We strike out the negatives.

A different sales and marketing concept, it’s not your everyday desk-bound job.

We strive on, we strike out to achieve.

We are headstrong and we won’t stop until we get what we set out to attain.

We work harder, we play harder.

We love to travel to different countries to visit our offices.

We are committed individuals and striving leaders.

It’s a company that we are striving on for because we’re more than a team.

We are family, it’s where we call home.

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