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3 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Service Crew Resume

Posted on: 2021-06-01

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A Barista holding a "come in, we're open" sign.

Are you someone with excellent verbal communication skills? Or someone who is interested in the culinary scene? The Food and Beverage industry is the ideal sector for you!

The job descriptions between different kinds of restaurants/retail outlets vary. For instance, a coffeehouse requires a service crew to have knowledge of the coffee beans. A seafood restaurant needs employees with experience with marine lives.

There is no one-fit-all resume that can be used across all Food and Beverage Jobs. Be sure to read the job description of different service crew jobs and craft the resume based on the requirements. You will be seeing much better improvement in your interview chances.

Without further ado, let’s elaborate on the importance of a service crew resume.

Does Service Crew Job Requires A Resume?

A Businesswomen holding a small whiteboard with the words "please send resume!" written on it.

A Service crew job is supposed to be entry-level. This means hiring managers are looking beyond the qualifications of the applicant. For example, an applicant who displays excellent customer service in his/her previous job is likely to get hired. However, before you can even get a chance for an interview, you will need a solid resume to pique the interest of your hiring manager. will guide you along in writing an effective resume for your desired F&B job.

What Are The Required Hard Skills?

A Barista working in a cafe.

3 Essential Hard Skills of a Service Crew:

  • Food Safety
  • Food Knowledge
  • Inventory Management

1) Food Safety

A waiter wearing gloves to serve food to the customer during COVID-19.

All restaurants (e.g. Caterers, Restaurants, Food Stalls and Hawker Stalls etc.) licensed by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) are required to have their food handlers trained in basic food safety procedure.

You will be sent to attend the Food Safety Course by your hiring manager. Most companies will fully sponsor the fees. If you have taken the Food Safety Course, include it under the “HARD SKILLS” section to make yourself a more attractive candidate.

2) Food Knowledge

A variety of Japanese sushi and cuisine.

Part of excellent customer service includes helping customers to order dishes suitable for their appetite. It will be advantageous if a candidate has a rich knowledge of food ingredients and terminology. It will come in handy when recommending the delicacies of the restaurant.

It is also important for the applicants to understand the different kinds of allergies. Some allergies are life-endangering. It is essential for a Service Crew to know the food that can trigger allergy reactions.

3) Inventory Management

A waiter checking the inventory of the restaurant.

A Service Crew observes the daily depletion of their ingredients and reports it to the manager/full-timer. Some service crews who work in buffet restaurants are required to top up the meats/ingredients regularly. Surely, this job will suit those who have a keen eye for details.

Be specific when you write Inventory management inside your resume. For instance, you can explain in greater detail what kind of inventory you have been managing. As mentioned, different restaurants are employing candidates with different F&B skillset.

Check out the different kinds of Service Crew Jobs and their respective job description in this blog.

What Are The Required Soft Skills?

A couple who opened a restaurant.

3 Essential Soft Skills of A Service Crew:

  • Patience
  • Vigilance
  • Meticulous

1) Patience

A waitress who is patiently explaining the menu to the customers.

Those who have work experience in the F&B industry would know that excellent customer service is expected of a service crew. Imagine yourself being a patron/customer, it is only right for you to receive the best service and warmest welcome.

During the peak hour, customers are tired and hungry from their work/family duties. The service crew needs to be patient with such patrons and treat them warmly despite their attitude.

Many hiring managers will ask questions like “How will you respond to an angry customer when you are in service?”. Your answer should always be “I will treat them with respect and seek assistance from my manager when it gets out of control”. This shows that you have the right mindset of a service crew and you know who to seek help when the problem escalates.

Include patience in your resume and be prepared to get called up more often by employers.

2) Vigilance

A man raising his hands to call a waiter.

Another important quality of a good Service Crew is vigilance. He/She needs to be constantly aware of the surroundings (e.g. customer’s raising hands to order, empty condiments that need to be refilled and so on) and be quick in responding to different needs.

Being alert is a good virtue by itself. If you are someone who is both alert and quick-witted, the F&B industry is a sector you will thrive.

Be sure to include vigilance in your resume to boost your chances for an interview.

3) Meticulous

A waiter who is meticulously taking down the order of a client.

Ever seen a blur service crew messing up the orders frequently? That is someone who is unsuitable for the F&B sector. A service crew needs to be careful when listening and recording customer’s orders. Some customers have certain allergies to some ingredients. If it is not communicated properly to the kitchen, the customer may due to allergy reactions.

Out of the 3 must-have qualities, Meticulous is a quality that is the most attractive quality that employers will take note of.

Where To Build Resume?

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Still, having problems with resume writing? It’s okay! You’re not alone in this struggle. We have a resume builder that you can rely on. Click here to find out more about our Food and Beverage jobs.

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