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3 Largest Recruitment Agencies For Part-Time Jobs In Singapore

Posted on: 2021-06-11

Part Time

Unsure whether to find a job through a recruitment agency? With many bad rumours on recruitment companies, it is perfectly normal for job seekers to question the credibility and effectiveness of their services.

Certainly, a small number of employment agencies may not harbour the best interest of their clients (eg. quickly match job seekers with employers without ensuring their suitability). However, 99% of the job agencies in Singapore aims to develop into Multinational Corporations (MNC) and earn huge profits in the long run.

As such, will evaluate the pro(s) and con(s) of using recruitment agencies for job search. Let’s find out now!

What Are Recruitment Agencies?

What are recruitment agencies?

Recruitment Agencies are external HR firms that find suitable candidates for employers.

There is some confusion between Recruitment and Employment Agencies. Here are some points to clarify the difference between the 2:

  • If you get a job from a recruitment agency, you become the employee of the employer
  • If you get a job from an employment agency, you become the employee of the employment agency

Both types of agencies provide Human Resource Solutions to both job seekers and employers. However, their priorities differ.

  • Recruitment Agencies help employers (their client) to find the perfect job seeker to fill that role
  • Employment Agencies help job seekers (their client) source jobs that fit their requirements

Regardless of recruitment or employment agencies, both types of HR firms aim to provide employment services to both job seekers and employers.

However, for inexperienced part-time job seekers, it is easier to get a job from employment agencies as they specialise in the Singapore gig economy.

With sufficient knowledge on this topic, let us move on to the benefits of using HR solutions services in Singapore.

What Are The Benefits Of Finding Jobs Through Recruitment Agencies?

Benefits of jobs through a recruitment agency.

Save Time

Save Time.

Especially for inexperienced job seekers, the job hunt can be rather disappointing when you do not possess the necessary skills for some part-time jobs. Employment agencies will serve as the guarantor that promotes you to the employers. You just have to ensure the quality of your work performance to secure the job after the contract ends. You will find it a lot easier to get a job through agencies.

Save Effort

Save Effort.

Most, if not, all recruitment agencies will help you to craft an ideal resume. You can sit back and relax as they send out your resume to a large number of companies.

Employ Quickly (Very Responsive)

Employ Quickly.

Big recruitment agencies have a large client base (employers). Using their connections, they can promote your resume to more companies which greatly improves your chances of employment.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Finding Jobs Through Recruitment Agencies?

the disadvantage of finding jobs through recruitment agencies.

Average/Slightly-lower-than-average Salary

Lower pay.

Since the recruitment agency gets you the job, they need to be repaid back financially. As such, most agencies will take a portion of your monthly salary as their commission. Some agencies will receive a lump sum from the employer. Although you may receive slightly lower pay from the employer, the overall benefits still outweigh the disadvantage as you get hired quickly and easily.

Job Stability

job stability.

Since most agency jobs are on a contract basis, it is not unconfirmed whether you will be working for long. Don’t be too pessimistic because most employers will tend to keep experienced workers so they do not waste time retraining others.

What Are The Names Of The Biggest Job Agencies In Singapore?

Finding a job through a reliable agency is the key to job stability. Big job agencies normally have many MNC(s) and reputable SME(s) on their platform. These employers, being of a certain size, can provide you with better pay and work condition. Here are some big recruitment agencies to look out for:

1) Adecco Personnel Pte Ltd

Adecco Personnel Pte Ltd.


Adecco Personnel Pte Ltd is one of the largest recruitment agencies in Singapore. The company has 5,100 branches worldwide. Not to mention, they have helped more than 1,400 job seekers each year. Check them out on to get hired quickly!

2) Recruit Express Pte Ltd

Recruit Express.


Recruit Express Pte Ltd has grown to become the leading recruitment consultancy firm with 14 offices in Singapore. The company even managed to get listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange in 2017. With over 100 recruiters in their main office, they are one of the best recruiting agencies you should consult to get hired quickly.



Information: has over 900 consultants across 13 Asian cities - Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Taipei, Tokyo and Seoul. The company is one of the top listed company on the Singapore Stock Exchange - HRnetGroup was listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange. Not to mention, they have a large number of part-time jobs on their website. Do search for RecruitFirst on if you are interested in part-time jobs.

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