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Am I Entitled To CPF on Internships and Part Time Jobs?

Posted on: 2021-07-12

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Here’s a blog for students! I’m sure many of you are encouraged on taking internships, or even have mandatory internships that are credit-bearing or even graded by the school, especially in ITE, Polytechnic or University. In addition, many of you guys also find part time jobs during your holidays to earn some extra allowance to fund your food adventures or movie tickets right! Today, let’s talk about Central Provident Fund (CPF) entitlements during your internship or in your part time job!



Interns are entitled to CPF contributions! However, there are exceptions with interns which are:

  1. The intern has yet to complete his GCE A-Levels Students and is interning during his school holiday
  2. The intern is in a Polytechnic, ITE or University student undertaking approved, credit-bearing or graded internships (be it during the school term or school holiday)
  3. The intern is from an overseas university taking an internships of a period up to 6 months in Singapore


Part time employee

According to the Ministry of Manpower, part time employees are also entitled to CPF contributions provided you are a:

  1. Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident
  2. Earns more than $50 in a month
  3. Is engaged under a contract of service.

So, how do you calculate your CPF?

To calculate CPF, there are 2 routes that are added to your total CPF contribution - your own contribution, as well as your employer's contribution.

Taken from CPF, here is how your CPF contribution would be like based on your age bracket. This table shows the percentage your employer would need to contribute, as well as the percentage you yourself would have to contribute, which is deducted from your take-home salary.

CPF Rates

Further detailed information can be found on the CPF Contribution Rates Table.

Next up, what can you do if your employer does not pay their CPF contributions?

You can log into my cpf Online Services using your SingPass and lodge their complaints online through the CPF website. You can also write to the Board or send an email to, or file concerns by calling the CPF hotline at 1800-227-1188. Additionally, you can visit any CPF Service Center.

So here you go, as a student I did not know my intern entitlements and may have been scammed some of my benefits :') To check if CPF contributions are payable, you can email, call CPF hotline 1800-227-1188 or visit any CPF Service Centre!

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