Careers at GetJuiced

Get Juiced developed a modern and ambitious solution. The bar is fully cashless and queueless ! All you have to do is to install the Get Juiced app on your phone and you’ll be able to place your order. The app will let you know when your drink is ready for pick up at the bar.

Get Juiced spans over 8,000 square feet in Clarke Quay. Get Juiced features a bar, a hip-hop club, a chill lounge, and an Electronic club.

After its grand opening last year, Get Juiced, Singapore’s first cashless and queue-less bar, has successfully proven that there is a viable business model in reducing costs associated with labor and passing on the savings to their customers. The venue hosts DJs and party playlists consisting of a plethora of genres from hip-hop to chill lounge, as well as electronic party bootlegs and anthems.

The Address is: 3E River Valley Rd, #02-01 Clarke Quay, Singapore 179024