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$10 per Hour Part-Time Jobs in Singapore, $10 per Hour Part Time Jobs in Singapore - There are many part time jobs in Singapore that offer decent salaries. According to Glassdoor Singapore, the average base pay for a part time job in Singapore is $9 per hour depending on the area. If you expect the availability of $10 per hour part time jobs in Singapore, there are many opportunities you want to check out.

Here are seven part time jobs in Singapore that offer a salary $10 per hour.

1. Service crew

Service crew usually work in a food and beverage business. You are responsible for assisting the customers. Started from greeting them, handing them a menu book as well as providing necessary information and answering their questions about the menu. While enjoying their order, sometimes you still need to be around just in case they need you for anything. Lastly, you will manage the cashier as well.

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2. Barista

If you have what it takes to be a barista, you may just apply for a part time job as a barista. But if you don’t have the skill even though you are interested in applying for this job, you may just apply if the employer states that it is open for candidates with no experience—meaning the employer is willing to train the new employee.

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3. Parcel packer

Parcel packer is one of the common part time jobs in Singapore during holiday season. Because the demand to deliver packages fast is high in Singapore, employers usually hire part time workers when they are busy as the extra hands to complete the target in time. Your responsibilities as a parcel packer are picking, packing, labeling, sorting, loading, and unloading parcels.

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4. Grocery picker

Grocery pickers or packers generally have similar tasks as the previous one. Except grocery picker’s specific role is to select or pick the goods from shelves and prepare them for shipping.

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5. Snacks promoter

Snacks promoter is one of the jobs that usually open for candidates with no job experience. Their responsibilities are helping to promote brand awareness in their designated area, gather feedback or enquiries from stores and customers, and other ad hoc tasks.

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6. Vaccination assistant

Since the pandemic is not over yet, part time jobs as vaccination assistant are sometimes still available. If the vacancy is urgent, sometimes the employer doesn’t require the candidate to be someone from the healthcare sector. However, read the full information first to see if you fit their requirements. Your tasks include registering patients and assisting any ad hoc request in the vaccination center.

7. Data entry assistant

This job is usually available for urgent purposes. The employer wants to find the candidate and hire them quickly to start the job immediately. The contract for this vacancy is also usually short, as short as only one month. As a data entry assistant, your job is to do data entry and ensure the accuracy as well as on time.

Find Data Endtry Assistant Jobs In Singapore

Those are seven part time jobs in Singapore that offer you a salary of $10 per hour. If you want to search further job vacancy options that meet your qualifications, you can search more on

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