10 Work From Home Stereotypes In Singapore

Disclaimer: This blog is purely for entertainment purposes. There is no malicious intent against any individual. Please do forgive us if you find it offensive and understand that any similarities are purely coincidental.

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BREAKING NEWS - “Working from home will remain the default over the coming weeks and employers should continue to exercise flexibility in their employees' work arrangements”, Minister of Trade and Industry Gan Kim Yong said on 10 June 2021.

Singaporeans have to be prepared for the new norm - the Work From Home (WFM) and Home-Based Learning (HBL) life. Many physical activities like working, schooling and playing have to be conducted online (via Zoom). As a result, a new Singaporean stereotype appeared on online platforms like zoom.

Today, we will be picking out the bad habits of our fellow Singaporeans during the Work From home period. We hope that you guys will enjoy this blog amidst this high-stress period.

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Work FROM/ON Bed

The Chao Geng warriors always look super professional during Zoom meetings. Most of them act extremely motivated and energetic during the company round-up. Once the meeting ends, you will see that fella, or should I say, not see that fella, nuah-ing (lying) on the bed. Come on! I know most of you would have heard gossips about this kind of people in your private Whatsapp group.

Act Busy

In front of TowKay (boss), they always act like James Bond. Everything you ask them to do, they will happily accept and carry out the task. After the meeting, they will siam (avoid) or throw the duties to their other co-workers or interns.

MIA King

When you don’t need them, they will always be online. When you need them, they will always be offline. They are the true David Copperfield when it comes to extra work.

The excuse is always they are busy with other stuff. Or they have too many other duties to complete. For example, when you need extra pair of hands for your upcoming project, they will always be tied up with their own department duties. After you finish the project, they will magically appear and ask you if you still need help. Talk about good timing...

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Gey Siao (Act Enthu)

Whenever the boss makes a lame joke, it is our job to laugh at his/her lame joke to prevent an awkward situation. The Wayang king will not just laugh at the joke. He/she will put his/her heart and soul to make the bosses feel as though they have cracked the funniest joke of the century.

During zoom meetings, the wayang kings will not disappoint. As long as the boss wants it, they make it happen. Yes, and right afterwards, their co-workers will suddenly have tons of work to do. The best thing is they will mostly just eye power (do nothing to help) throughout the project and claim all the credits when it is done.

Boss’s Pet

During lunchtime, the wayang king will normally call their boss for some chit chat session. They will not waste any opportunity to por (suck up) their boss even when working from home. Every minute with the boss is important. The happier the boss is feeling, the higher their salary is going to be.

Yaya Papaya

They will tend to throw their power around and talk to their co-workers in a condescending manner. If you don’t have power and money, they will not bother to show you respect and concern. Their time is solely for those who have the ability to advance their career.

Paper Warrior

Like all the occifers (officers) you see in the army, these white-collar executives are just people with a good educational background. Besides their good command of the English language, they are virtually useless in most work scenarios. Many Poly and ITE students can work way better than those “high flyers” a.k.a “paper generals”. So kids, better study hard or you will end up working under useless management for the rest of your life.

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Sian Face (24/7 Tired Face)

The Lupsup (dirty-looking) worker looks like they maciam (about to) going to toh (faint) anytime. They look super disengaged during the zoom meeting and sometimes, you will just want them to off their webcam to spare your eyes from further misery.

Untidy Look

Their most prominent feature is their bed hair and droopy eyes. If you ever watch vintage American cartoons, you would have come across this character called the droopy dog. Their faces look exactly like the droopy dog during company’s zoom meeting. Even boss sounds like he is going to kill himself when talking to the Lupsup workers.

MIA During Zoom Meetings

Hahahaha… I’m sure we have all met co-workers who just can’t handle technology. The tech dummy will always have difficulty with zoom meetings despite the number of times they interact with it. E.g. the video will not work or the mic will sound echo-ey. After they settle all the technical difficulties, they will normally give a paiseh (embarrassed) smile and apologise.

Available 24/7

To the hustlers, time is just a number. They will work way beyond office hours and still report promptly for work the next day’s zoom meeting. They are the chiongster (diligent) type you see in the army. Even if they fall sick, the hustler will always work till they collapse. Respect!


I really Gamxia (thankful) this kind of people. They will always go out of their way to help their co-workers. The hustlers have a good personality and contribute to the company silently unlike the wayang king.

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Scared On Webcam

Most companies will have one or two shy intern xiao (little) boy/girl. They will not turn on their webcam during zoom meetings unless the boss tells them to do so. Even when they on the webcam, the shy intern will look scared and restless. The best tactic is to tell them to put their image on their zoom profile. Problem solved!

DIAM DIAM During Zoom

The shy co-workers have no presence during zoom meetings. They will not speak unless they have to. Even if they speak, it will be a few short sentences just for the sake of replying to their co-workers.

MIA From Company Group Chat

They don’t like gossips and unnecessary attention from other people. As long as people leave them alone, they will just do their work and blend in with the environment.

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The most tragic stereotype in this WFM series. They have to jaga (cope) with both their children and work. You can normally see their children playing in the background during zoom meetings. Sometimes, their ah boy or ah girl will say hi to the camera when the boss is scolding people.

Credits: The Straits Times

ATAS (Classy) Zoom Background

This kind of people is the most bo liao (nothing better to do) people in the world. They like to put the background of the Paris Tower or Italian restaurants. The problem is they will change their zoom background every single week. Sometimes the background is a GIF that can make your head dizzy just by looking at it.

Company Advocate

Unless you are an insurance agent or the boss of the company, there is no point to put your company logo as your zoom background right? Some people scared outsiders don’t know they love their company, so their background must be company-related.

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Make-up Gaogao (in large amount)

Hello… this is the company’s internal zoom meeting, not some Paris Fashion Show. Honestly, everyone is fairly annoyed during meetings, so no one will have the mood to see your handsome or pretty faces. You just have to look neat and energetic during meetings. There is no need for you to draw your face like Picasso.

Maciam Fashion Show

Sometimes really let people buey tahan (cannot take it) sia. This is the company’s meeting, not some fashion show. I understand some people like to look neat and there is nothing wrong with it. However, if you go the extreme and wear a tuxedo or dress during a zoom meeting, you are honestly overdoing it.

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Extended Lunch Time

The buey paiseh workers are even more problematic than the chao geng warriors. They know no boundaries and take full advantage of the WFM arrangement. Lunch Time can last for 1 and half hour. That is not all, they will take their time to “slither” back to their work desk. By the time they come back from lunch, it has already been 2 hours.

No Government

Since there is nothing stopping them from wasting time. They will take their own sweet time to start work. After completing a task, the buey paiseh worker will take a long break by playing with their phone or texting their friends. This WFM arrangement really benefitted those who are lazy.

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Jokes aside, working from home can be difficult for many Singaporeans. We hope that our content has brought you some joy and laughter during this difficult period.

Disclaimer: This blog is purely for entertainment purposes. There is no malicious intent against any individuals. Please do forgive us if you find it offensive and understand that any similarities are purely coincidental.


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