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Covid-19: 3 Hottest Frontline Jobs in Singapore


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According to an article on Channel News Asia, more than 20,000 Singaporeans lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More than half of the retrenched workers were 55 years old and above.

In light of such a bad job market, jobless Singaporeans have to turn to the gig economy for economic opportunities. For the older Singaporeans who experience difficulty in re-employment, it is advisable to focus on COVID-19 jobs which pay rather well considering the simplicity of the job.

Is it Safe?

Certainly, there is no point in earning money if you can’t even live long enough to spend it. Many job seekers may avoid the frontline jobs due to the perceived “high risk” involved. Job seekers fear that interacting with a large number of people everyday may increase their chances of COVID infection. However, the truth is COVID-19 jobs are rather safe.

The Singapore Government has ordered all COVID-19 temperature screeners to maintain a 2m distance when screening visitor's temperature. Furthermore, temperature screeners do not need to use hand thermometers anymore. The standing infrared temperature screening machine, which is placed at a distance from the temperature screener, is used to check visitor's temperature. Minimum physical interaction is kept at all times.

For those who want to try higher risk jobs like “vaccination assistant”, you are also in good hands. The Ministry of Health has ordered all vaccination assistants to be issued Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The PPE lowers the chances of infection by 80%. Be rest assured that the Singapore government has devised the necessary protective measures to ensure the security of frontline workers.

Without further ado, let’s move on to the job details of the 3 hottest Frontline Jobs in Singapore.

1) Temperature Screener

A male temperature screener dressed in full protective gear.

Salary$10/hr to $17/hr
Salary$10/hr to $17/hr
Highest QualificationNone
Working Hour5 to 9 hour shift

The easiest frontline job. You will only need to ensure that all the individuals entering your vicinity scans their temperature. You will also need to scan the identity card for those who do not have a smartphone with them.

The pay can go up to $17 per hour. Moreover, the job is also entry-level and will usually allow the selected candidate to work the next day.

The safety distancing guideline issued by the Ministry of Health also ensures the minimum contact between the screener and the public.

Overall, it is easy to earn the money and requires minimal effort. Why wait? Apply to the Temperature Screener Jobs NOW! Vacancies are running out FAST!

2) Safe Distancing Officer

Safe Distancing between 2 person.

Salary$1500/month to $2100/month
Salary$1500/month to $2100/month
Highest QualificationNone
Working Hour7 to 9 hour shift

The Safe Distance Officer requires some physical labour. Your job scope is to ensure that people keep a 2 meter safety distance from one another.

The pay can go up to $2100 per month. It is extremely high considering the simplicity of the job.

Risk is relatively low as you will not have any physical contact with the public.

The job is also suitable for those who love to exercise. You are required to patrol around your designated vicinity and remind people who flout the safety rules.

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3) Vaccination Assistant

A picture of a vaccination assistant injecting covid 19 vaccines on an old man.

Salary$1400/month to $1800/month
Salary$1400/month to $1800/month
Highest QualificationGCE O’ Level
Working Hour6 to 9 hour shift

This job is not for the faint hearted; you will be seeing blood everyday.

Since MOH requires all frontline workers to get a free COVID-19 vaccine, you will vaccinate a large number of patients on a daily basis.

The only task is to inject the patients. However, you will need to ensure the procedure is conducted safely.

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Since this COVID-19 pandemic is not disappearing anytime soon, it can be a rather stable job for now. Most importantly, it pays well for such simple job scope.

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