Forklift Driver: 3 Tips On Writing an Effective Resume

Unlike other warehouse positions, forklift operators require a certain set of skills and certifications. He/she needs to possess a class 3 license, WSQ/PSA/AAT Forklift license, and WSQ Certificate in Workplace Safety and Health. Besides having the mentioned certificates, it is essential to include them in his/her resume to be considered a suitable candidate.

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What Are The Sections In A Resume?

A resume with different sections.

Below are the 6 essential sections in a resume:

  • Header
  • Personal Information
  • Key Skills
  • Professional Experience
  • Education
  • Certifications (if any)

The header should include your Full Name in Caps. Many of our warehouse applicants did not pay attention to such small details. Although this does not significantly affect their application outcome, it is still advisable to make the resume as clear as possible for the hiring manager.

Personal Information is another crucial factor in a forklift operator job. Normally, hiring managers want to know the health condition of the forklift operator. It is advisable to include some basic details about your health conditions like your blood type and age to help them in their decision-making.

The key skills section should include your soft and hard skills. E.g. meticulous, hardworking, etc.

Professional Experience is the most important section of the whole resume. Please include your professional experience using the parallel listing. Refer to the previous blog to know how your work experience section should look like.

The education section should include the technical skills that you learned from your vocational institution.

Certificates should include the class 3 license, WSQ/PSA/AAT Forklift license, and WSQ Certificate in Workplace Safety and Health.

What Are The Required Certificates In A Forklift Driver’s Resume?

What are the required certificates in a resume?

Without these 3 certificates, you are ineligible for the forklift driver position:

  • WSQ/PSA/AAT Forklift License
  • WSQ Certificate in Workplace Safety and Health
  • Class 3 Driving License

1) WSQ/PSA/AAT Forklift License

Forklift license.

You will learn the loading and unloading of goods/pallet jacks using a forklift. You will also be exposed to other material handling equipment depending on the course. After going through the course, you will be certified to move loads of a certain weight depending on your type of license.

2) WSQ Certificate in Workplace Safety and Health

Workplace Safety and Health.

A required safety training course for forklift drivers. You will need to know the basics of warehouse safety. For example, you will learn how to identify hazards, support WSH legal compliance, and Incident Reporting.

3) Class 3 Driving License

Where to get driving lessons?

You will need a class 3 license before you can learn how to operate a forklift machine. Be sure to check out the locations where you can get driving lessons.

Where To Build My Resume?

Where to build a resume?

Be sure to check out’s resume builder to craft an ideal resume. Please follow the pointers mentioned in this blog to impress your employers.

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