5 Things Every ForkLift Driver Should Know

Ever since the closing of Singapore-Malaysia borders, Forklift Operators are in high demand in Singapore. Previously, the forklift operators are mainly foreign work pass workers. With the current restrictions on immigration, their numbers are steadily dwindling. As a result, many warehouses are increasingly willing to hire local Forklift operators at a higher salary.

Feeling unsure if you are up for this job? We will first bring you through the job descriptions of a Forklift Driver.

What Is The Jobscope?

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Job Scope:

  • Loading and unloading of goods from a variety of vehicles
  • Shifting pallet-packed materials around the warehouse or storage facility
  • Checking loads are secure
  • Conducting regular equipment checks and maintenance
  • Following written instructions
  • Complying with safety regulations
  • Completing tasks efficiently and accurately

The most important task of an operator is to shift pallets/loads efficiently and safely. The Singapore government has strict safety guidelines for the warehouse industry. Forklift Drivers have to go through a series of safety courses before they are permitted to operate a warehouse vehicle.

Overall, most of the task revolves around operating their respective vehicle and ensuring that goods are carried to specified location securely.

What Is The Salary?

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There is a difference in salary for forklift drivers WITH and WITHOUT experience. The 3 different experience level are Newbie, Intermediate, and Experienced. Below is a table that differentiates the experience level and salary range:

Forklift table.

From WorkClass’s database, a Newbie Forklift Operator earns around $1.6k to $1.8k. Most of the time, he/she will be shifting pallets/materials less than 3 tonnes. More information will be covered in the later section.

An intermediate operator earns around $1.7k to $1.9k. He/she may be required to move loads more than 3 tonnes and certified with the relevant forklift license.

An experienced operator can earn up to 2.2k. He/She needs to shift heavy load up to 5 tonnes. Forklift operators are considered experienced when they have worked more than 8 years as forklift operator.

What Are The Required Certificates

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Here is the breakdown of the certificates a forklift driver should have:

  • WSQ/PSA/AAT Forklift License
  • WSQ Certificate in Workplace Safety and Health
  • Class 3 Driving License

1) WSQ/PSA/AAT Forklift License

A Forklift Driver needs to get a forklift license. He/she can get the license from either NTUC Learning Hub, PSA Singapore or AAT training hub. Without a forklift certificate, driving a forklift or reach truck is illegal in Singapore. Click here to know more about Forklift Training academies.

The forklift license is segmented into 3 different weight class; 1.5 tonnes, 3 tonnes, and 5 tonnes. Please read carefully on the maximum load covered in the course before signing up. If you are only eligible to move load up to 1.5 tonnes, it is illegal to shift weights more than the specified weight on your license.

2) WSQ Certificate in Workplace Safety and Health

The Singapore government takes a very serious stance on workplace safety. All full-time warehouse workers are required to go through a Safety course to identify WSH Hazards and Maintain Risk Control Measures. Failure to attain a Workplace Safety and Health Certificate for forklift operators is considered a criminal offence.

3) Class 3 Driving License

Another requirement of a Forklift Driver. Learn more about where to get a class 3 driving license from our previous blog.

What Are The Required Soft Skills?

What are the required soft skills?

It will be advantageous for Forklift Drivers to mention these 3 skills in their resume & interview:

  1. Cooperative
  2. Safety-Conscious
  3. Meticulous

A cooperative co-worker is always valued in the workplace. Forklift operators are often required to listen to the “spotter” for load placement. If a forklift operator is non-compliant, it is likely that there will be delays in the job and the safety of the warehouse will be compromised.

Do you know that approximately 120 warehouse workers get injured each year during work? Despite the safety measures in place, there are still a few unfortunate accidents in dangerous workplace like the warehouse. As such, warehouse/factories would highly value workers who know how to protect themselves and their coworkers.

Forklift Drivers need to be meticulous. Much of their job requires precision - landing and shifting loads accurately from one location to another. Errors in the shifting of goods can stall up the work progress of the whole team and result in huge losses for the company.

Where To Find Forklift Jobs?

Where to find Forklift Jobs?

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